BEST TWEETS . . . from that ‘Menace’ of the Internet, yours truly

Twitter_MenaceTwitter is great fun , very useful and the absolute fastest way to get the  (short)  word out to millions people in an instant. But that strength can be its biggest weakness.  Things appear and are then gone … in almost the same instant.   I mean , who in the Twitterverse has the time to go back  upstream in that torrent of tweets when it’s already impossible to keep up with the present moment ?

So, for the benefit of those interested in what I have contributed to the hyper-stream  ,  but at a more humane pace ,  here is the chronological record .   Sequence is newest at the top .  Moving down the page takes you back into the dim recesses of ancient history … like a month or so .


  1. #NSA claims it must collect haystacks to search for needles. Simpler explanation is using needles as cover 4 stealing haystacks. #XKeyScore

  2. I’m gonna grab a nap thru re-runs of “Who Will Chair The #Fed ?””. Wake me when #obama “chooses” between Tweedle Dumb or Tweedle Dumber.

  3. You know, all this spying & revealing back & forth is starting to make me think maybe best solution is just open #NSA databases to EVERYONE.

  4. @BlueBirdNewYork @FreeEdSnowden U know, strategy-wise, that’s what made sense from the start & the rest was an “Uncle Remus” story.

  5. Humans’ favorite activity is #sex, with #money in close 2nd place. After that comes #lying. But_ideally_all three at once. #anonymous.

  6. #WaPo re-definition of journalism is hard 2 do without admitting that they just don’t like the #FirstAmendment or journos who blow whistles.

  7. The best way to lie is the secret. 2nd best is falsehood, & 3rd is the ever popular double standard. #obama #whitehouse is expert in all 3.

  8. #wallstreet Ponzi Econ model is 10 times more fragile-vulnerable than old slow systems still extant in oil-rich, usury-free, Muslim finance.

  9. A moment’s thought about how_professional_spies operate is convincing proof that #NSA #Prism & #XKeyScore R aimed at citizens not at spooks.

  10. It’s so easy 2 fake, frame, camouflage & re-assign data online that #NSA #FBI & #DHS dragnet catches only the smallest & dumbest fry.

  11. @BarracudaMama @timfowler7_tim And an even earlier time when it was simply loved.

  12. #DoS could reopen closed #USembassies as Free Internet Cafes, sponsored by #NSA & boasting fastest searches & servers in the Middle East.

  13. Can’t help but wonder if #DoS #USEmbassyClosures sparks an outbreak of Peace. Picture bored #CIA agents playing cards, watching clock.

  14. @gersariel1 @YahooNews Shame on me, I forgot about the Martians! Hopefully they have disintegrator rays or strong disinfectants..

  15. @KittyAntonik Since ACA is just a means of WallStreet Ponzi “extend & pretend” I doubt they plan very far beyond it. Just Pay & Pray.

  16. #NSA #DHS #FBI see #Twitter as a top domestic security threat, hence the fake ‘Twitter Abuse” crap flooding MSM. Don’t get suckered.

  17. #Twitter itself is target of fake ‘Twitter abuse’ non-story pumped in MS Media. #NSA fingerprints all over it. Like trolls R new! Sheesh.

  18. 2 paraphrase JFK, making political gains 4 democratic Muslims like #TawakulKarman impossible, #US makes Muslim radicalization inevitable.

  19. In refusing entry to Nobel Peace Laureate #TawakulKarman military reveals that peace not on the agenda for #Egypt, nor women’s rights.

  20. @LJGouge @timfowler7_tim I TOTALLY agree. A nice little “Perp Walk” should wipe that smarmy smile off his mug & does he ever deserve it.

  21. Until U understand that Dept of Justice is tasked by WH with circumventing Law, not enforcing it, you won’t understand #DoJ or #Whitehouse.

  22. The current regime in the #whitehouse understands the Constitution well enough, but purely as an obstacle. never as law. Period. Underline.

  23. The #BillOfRights does not protect people. It is just a broad & firm agreement that helps people of courageous resolve defend themselves

  24. #FederalReserve should be incorporated into Fed’l Gov as Department of Inflation Maintenance & Bubbles. Acronym : DIM Bulbs.

  25. 3 huge $ bubbles at risk of unprecedented_simultaneous_collapse: Education (#StudentLoans), Health (#obamacare) & Security (#NSA scandal).

  26. When #obamacare insurance bubble fails MILLIONS of Health Care professionals will lose their jobs. WAY worse than housing bubble collapse.

  27. #obama & #NSA doing all they can to prove USA would rather be feared than loved. That works only until self preservation trumps fear.

  28. Since Congress doesn’t know what ‘abridge’ ‘freedom’ ‘press’ or ‘no’ mean, how could they understand words like #journalist or #wikileaks ?

  29. “Journalist Shield Law” being explicitly unconstitutional won’t stop #Congress from writing, #obama from signing or #SCOTUS from upholding.

  30. Cleverest part of the #FirstAmendment is its simplicity. Regarding free speech, religion & press Congress must keep “Hands Strictly OFF!”

  31. #FirstAmendment expressly forbids Congress from doing precisely what any so-called “shield law” would do: abridge freedom of the press.

  32. #CIA #NSA & #whitehouse said “Trust us.” We did. They lied. Big mistake on both sides. Now for hit single on the flip-side. Hello #wikileaks

  33. Everyone knows U can find #CIA at any US Embassy easy as finding a Big Mac at McDonalds. It’s not covert, it’s convenient & saves on rent.

  34. A CLEVER government would recognize #wikileaks as its deliverance from blackmailers and pipsqueak oligarchs & spymasters run by #wallstreet.

  35. #Gov ALONE can’t deliver peace or justice as it serves war & crime profiteers. But gov’s afraid of #wikileaks can be made to deliver anyway.

  36. #wallstreet #corporate #fascists caused WW 2 & are ass deep now in WW 3. Have we learned anything? Yes, some, thanks to #assange #wikileaks.

  37. #whitehouse can regain world trust easily, but price is offending #wallstreet #corporate #fascists. #wikileaks task is 2 shift the equation

  38. Twitter is shared experience of cattle awakening to what the ranchers have been up to. Okay, fellow bovines, I get it. NOW what? #anonymous

  39. Trying to control #fascist #oligarchy by addressing injustice is like trying to control a machine gun by catching bullets. #anonymous

  40. Our world is the expression of will and desires of a handful of multi-billionaires & thus cannot change until THAT is changed. #anonymous.

  41. Hitler was bankrolled by #wallstreet fascists & UK Aristocrats, but was easier to fight WW 2 than control #Fortune500. Chk their war record.

  42. Roosevelt & Churchill got #US into WW 2 w domestic #espionage & scaring the shit outta people. It worked so well Gov just kept at it w #NSA.

  43. #NSA apologists’ lame excuse is always, “But the public just doesn’t understand!” Maybe so, buddy, but that’s all changing now, isn’t it?

  44. #Pelosi so full of herself she’s forgotten which branch of Gov she’s in. It’s LEGISLATIVE, not Executive. Do your damned job & rein in #NSA!

  45. #Carney is lying. #whitehouse & #NSA haven’t “explained” anything yet, just lied & evaded, so Utah should stay shut until spooks open up.

  46. Hard facts, smart phones & Internet sharing can break #wallstreet stranglehold. That’s why WHouse willing 2 sacrifice Russia 2 get #Snowden.

  47. The #Fed Reserve counterfeits the aprx 1 $Trillion annual shortfall created by #wallstreet scams, fuckups & obscene salary+bonuses. Simple.

  48. #NSA & whole #USGovt uses “terrorism” 2 mean all things it dislikes, such as 1st & 4th Amend, dissent & exp of #wallstreet link 2 war crime.

  49. It’s Judicial Misconduct 4 judge in #manning trial to suggest Prosecution submit evidence of “retriggering” time limits of harm allegation.

  50. Every time U dismay the bad guys are 2 many or 2 powerful to lose just remember they are also 2 stupid to win. #wikileaks has their number.

  51. #obama can’t deliver bread & circuses when Ponzi Economy tanks. So he bets farm on stopping #wikileaks & #Occupy B4 they stop #wallstreet.

  52. #NSA bet the farm on cell phone & internet surveillance because they know civil unrest over hopeless economy is the #1 US security threat.

  53. Every time undue force is brought to bear on journalist or innocent public look for the #NSA connection & you’ll find #Prism #XKeyScore link

  54. #CIA and #NSA internal crackdowns will terify many into silence, but the other inevitable effect will be to piss off the next whistleblower.

  55. Now that I think about it, after being laid off, impoverished & made homeless, a bible & a gun are pretty good things to have Mr #obama.

  56. The #USGovt trying to save #Detroit is like trying to revive a dead pig by throwing slabs of bacon at it’s carcass.

  57. It would seem that #NSA has swallowed up #CIA & #FBI whole. #Alexander may be the new J Edgar, and using the same tool : BLACKMAIL !

  58. Illegal & anti-democratic behaviors tolerated during WW 2 US-UK spying collaboration have carried forward to present #NSA #GCHQ coziness.

  59. In rush 2 kiss Emperor’s ass about #Snowden asylum DC sycophants overlook obvious fact that the World sees them protesting against JUSTICE.

  60. If some cling 2 Bibles & guns it’s because elitists have stolen everything else. #obama‘s sycophants misinform him by feeding his arrogance.

  61. #Obama & #NSA want #Snowden and #Manning‘s heads on pikes as warning to silence public. Instead it will be their own, as warning to tyrants.

  62. If #Clapper & #Alexander were REAL generals they would fall upon their swords in service to the crown. They aren’t, so #Wikileaks will help.

  63. Nature’s check & balance on spying is not Law. It’s that when BIG secrets are spilled, heads roll. Time 4 #wikileaks to roll a few at #NSA.

  64. The flaw in #Aristocracy is that for every #Jefferson who defeats #empire to save #democracy there is a #Churchill who does the reverse.

  65. The only government based on sincere respect for human rights is #democracy. All others reflect arrogant domination in one way or another.

  66. Lies, evasion & propaganda R lousy foundation 4 democracy by an informed public. I can handle truth & still love my country. Go #wikileaks !

  67. Regards privacy “sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander”, trouble is #NSA wants ALL the sauce, to cook your goose! Go #wikileaks !!

  68. Most likely purpose of #NSA #XKeyScore is political & blackmail collections, since terrorist aren’t found by dissecting porn site traffic.

  69. I suggest compiling #NSA #XKeyscore collections into dossier on each US Senator and offer to submit them as evidence in the hearings

  70. Put my name on the list favoring #ThirdSquare as the voice of reason and democracy in Eqypt.

  71. The #whitehouse has seen #Congress as giant leak since WW 2 conspiracy w Churchill to by-pass it with a spy network. The rest is history.

  72. So basically #NSA‘s #XKeyscore ALREADY has permanent record of EVERYONES online perversion history? Could put Tabloids plumb outta business.

  73. Want to see a REAL circus? Compile #NSA #XKeyscore collections of each US Senator, by name, and offer to submit as evidence in the hearings.

  74. Obvious question about #NSA‘s #XKeyscore collection is “Who did they sweep up?” How many scoped & listed who R not even REMOTELY #terrorist?

  75. Only logical use for #NSA #XKeyScore would be political & blackmail collections. Terrorist not found by parsing porn traffic or #AlexJones.

  76. Every paycheck of every bad guy ultimately written by same counterfeiter: #wallstreet‘s captive #Fed . & #wikileaks #OWS have their number.

  77. #wallstreet uses counterfeit #Fed $ to build fascist US empire EXACTLY the same way they built Hitler’s Nazi one. Achilles heel is Ponzi $.

  78. Fascists on #Wallstreet fight a proxy war against democracy using #DOJ #NSA #whitehouse & #pentagon as tools and #Fed as paymaster.

  79. #NSA #CIA & #obama R not hunters of #Snowden & #Manning. They R the dogs. #Wallstreet is the hunter, terrified by #wikileaks & #anonymous.

  80. #Wallstreet is invisible untouchable Fourth Branch of US Govt that dominates other three & beyond control of all except #anonymous & #OWS.

  81. There is no real #DOJ, just a Dept of Exec Branch enablement, ganged up with #NSA against Legislative to gut democracy by silencing dissent.

  82. Clearly Judicial is neither check nor balance on Executiv power, since #DOJ & #FISA court collapsed INTO the #NSA and become part of it.

  83. How absurd to convene #NSA Senate debate while #Snowden, the hero who made it possible, languishes in Russia under threat of US prosecution.

  84. #NSA debate in #senate must begin with vote to acknowledge #Snowden for enormous public service at great personal risk & grant full pardon.

  85. #NSA overreach debate must acknowledge present form is abysmal failure & restart, with proviso to preserve 4th Amendment without compromise.

  86. What sort of real debate can there be of #NSA #DOJ #DHS abuses when spy side is funded by $Billions & Freedom side is all unpaid volunteers?

  87. So the same cops who took 10 minutes to “rule out foul play” in death of #barnabyjack require months to determine cause of death.

  88. Nazi 3rd Reich born in the same place as #NSA #DHS #WarOnTerror fascism : The board rooms of Fortune 500. Costumes changed, but not plans.

  89. Speaking of #wallstreet, #NSA and secret tribunals, do you remember the days when it was criminals who had to be afraid of honest people?

  90. Espionage as common to all life as eating & procreation. It has 2 rules: save self. defeat enemy. Only 2 rules. Remember that #anonymous.

  91. Lawless Corporate Espionage consortium built Hitler, invented “Cold War” & stole Muslim’s oil. Next is YOU if #anonymous doesn’t prevail.


  1. World could afford 30 minutes out of it’s routine day to #annonymous-ly support Bradley #Manning. Keep text short so folks can add hashtags

  2. #anonymous could call it Operation REsist. Simply 1 or 2 click REsend any & all pro-Bradley #Manning com U find (or write) anywhere on net.

  3. Hey, #annonymous, what would result if all #manning supporters RE-posted-shared-facebooked-mailed-googled etc, at once, fast as they could?

  4. If all #manning supporters W Wide devoted 30 min to re-tweet, re-mail, re-share, re-send ALL pro-manning traffic, it might get noticed.

  5. Underlying #NSA surveillance #DofJ complicity & #DHS police state is the ONE scheme enabling all of it: #wallstreet‘s counterfeit $ Ponzi.

  6. A worthy goal : ticker-tape hero’s welcome parades for #snowden #manning #assange in all major cities WWide. We will be free when they are.

  7. Current crop of US tyrants R buying power with counterfeit $ via #Fed. If & when that Ponzi scheme tanks, so will they. God speed #OWS

  8. @danielcawrey @coindesk Their reasoning is simple. With bitcoin U may be defrauded, so they want U in $ US dollars where it’s certain.

  9. @ggreenwald @Raptor2u So Rattner proposes new grammar limit of one adjective per noun. G Washington either patriot or president, not both.

  10. @KittyAntonik @barnaby_jack As # 1 hacker, specializing in remote killing he’s a rather special case. Presume murder til proved otherwise.

  11. #News just reflects #Fascists testing popular resolve & capacity to resist dispensing with the annoying pretense of democracy altogether.

  12. I await the perfectly reasonable explanation (surely forthconing) for loss of yet another ethical #hacker information genius, #BarnabyJack

  13. More than half the Tweets mourning the untimely death of #BarnabyJack imply foul play, but not even one asks the obvious question outright.

  14. Routine torture & murder by US now so presumed globally that #EricHolder must disclaim on case by case basis. #snowden is not reassured

  15. U.S. psychosis is an illness that Mother Nature is presently curing the hard way, with a little help from her friends at #OWS & #wikileaks.

  16. Bradley #Manning was morally motivated & legally mandated (by US ratified Treaty) to report the crimes he witnessed, by any means available.

  17. WW 3 turned out not to be empire vs empire, but Lies vs Truth; Espionage vs Openess; Propaganda vs Journalism; Secret Crime vs #wikileaks.

  18. I want an answer to #snowden‘s first question, “What IS our government doing in our name.” That Govt won’t tell. So who will? #wikileaks?

  19. Unlike #Manning when half of the Fortune 500 aided Nazis in WW II they didn’t get prosecuted. They got to keep their businesses + profits.

  20. #Assange & #Manning will be freed same way Gandhi & Mandella were freed, by promoting their ideas every way you can to every one you can.

  21. #obama must have flunked arithmetic class.He bets the farm on #NSA & #Wallstreet Ponzi schemes that can only fail. Do the math, man!

  1. Douglas Benton Smith@DBentonSmith 1h

    The more victorious #NSA becomes in controlling information, the more it is defeated by ideas. One of nature’s sweeter #anonymous ironies

  2. Bad guys winning is not the end of the world. It is the start of a game. #anonymous

  3. Attention #wikileaks & #anonymous. PR-Political wise, U have apprx 1 week to recapture public sympathies before bad guys purge good guys.

  4. #wallstreet #NSA & #whitehouse will use punishment & reward 2 “turn” #Amash supporters. Don’t expect 2 get that close 2 victory again soon.

  5. With fresh $ billions funding & Congressional green light #NSA will now go hog wild. Think Hitler Chancellorship 1933. Good luck, America.

  6. Anyone notice defeat of #Amash “authorizes” #NSA to complete mission of seizing Internet? #anonymous #hackers R all that stand in their way.

  7. Secret anti-constitutional links across top of Exec & Judicial Branches with #wallstreet is de facto coups d’estat. Set & match to fascists.

  8. “Secret Law” is pure oxymoron, but not a problem when selling lies to morons. Existential threat to USA is #wallstreet #DoJ #NSA secrets.

  9. Remarkable, isn’t it, that hierarchies can only extend rights of top by removing rights of bottom. Once started, can’t be stopped, like #NSA.

  10. Secret Oversight of #NSA is no oversight at all, since it is a simple matter to “capture and control” the overseers & keep that secret, too.

  11. American response to defeat of #AmashConyers bill to curtail #NSA may be remembered as the absolute loudest “Duh !” in history.

  12. I think it may take a few days to sink in that the #whitehouse #NSA & #Congress just OFFICIALLY cancelled the #Constitution & #BillOfRights.

  13. Since #Congress just nullified #BillOfRights by giving free rein to #NSA please explain why we should honor our end of the Social Contract.

  14. Congress just gave carte blanche to #NSA & votes Constitution isn’t worth shit , yet all remains quiet. I guess it does end with a whimper.

  15. So, America, now that Congress admits it knows #NSA taps all phones, net & email & is just fine with it , is that fine with you?

  16. When the #Fed stops counterfeiting $Trillions the antidemocracy house of cards falls down. It’s THE weak link, so Help #OWS do it.

  17. Anti-democracy alliance ( #whitehouse, “security industry” etc) EXTREMELY vulnerable 2 #wallstreet Ponzi Econ. That’s why they fear #OWS.

  18. Vote on #AmashConyers defund #NSA bill reflects demographic of #wallstreet corrupted Old Guard of both parties vs challengers.

  19. @ggreenwald @ledbetreuters Closer to the top means better position at the hog trough. Remarkable how Food Chain parallels Gravy Train.

  20. @ggreenwald So now we know who #NSA & firends have blackmail on . #Wikileaks should treat it like a shopping list.

  21. How would #AmashConyers vote to cut #NSA funding have gone in First Continental Congress? Testosterone level a bit lower than 1776.

  22. @DougSaunders A worthy enterprise to name every single victim, with photograph, biography and the effects their death had on loved ones.

  23. I wonder what the #NSA #CIA codename is for #snowden . I bet it speaks volumes about the circled wagons mindset in Spy Town & #wallstreet.

  24. @maxkeiser Oh My Gawd ! I just can’t wait until NYC becomes known as the “Big Weiner” & shudder to imagine what they do on New Years Eve.

  25. Riddle: how to you “make” a #CIA agent in Russia ? Answer: He / she will be the one watching #Snowden who doesn’t Twitter #wikileaks.

  26. #whitehouse is going to twist many arms past breaking point to defeat #AmashConyers bill. #OWS & #wikileaks should take careful notes

  27. #AmashConyers bill is inadvertent barometer of fascism. Those in favor say “Aye” to Democracy, those opposed say “Heil Hitler!” Make a list.

  28. #AmashConyers bill strikes at the heart of unholy alliance between #whitehouse #DoJ , #NSA & #wallstreet “security industry” Ponzi bubble.

  29. #AmashConyers threatens golden triangle between Executive, Judicial & #Wallstreet. #OWS mustn’t underestimate how hard they’ll protect it.

  30. Spy Chiefs like #NSA are to OBEY laws, not MAKE them. Ban #KeithAlexander one-on-one secret “lobbying” blackmail meetings from the #Hill !

  31. #AmashConyers bill is Legislative branch. Top #NSA spy chief “lobbying” against it in secret meetings w individual Legislators is ILLEGAL

  32. Tell me #KeithAlexander doesn’t have #NSA #FBI secret dossier on every legislator met behind closed doors to “lobby” against #AmashConyers.

  33. Dossier system used to rub out oppositional dissent is an OLD trick, that #whitehouse now uses #NSA #Prism & corrupt #DoJ for.

  34. Notice how #whitehouse backs #NSA and opposes #AmashConyers . Reveals #obama is using covertly gathered #Prism data for dirty politics.

  35. Nothing enables criminal intent like money , so #NSA will oppose #AmashConyers bill as existential threat by enemy & will play dirty.

  36. Common denominator of #WarOnDemocracy is Trillion $ Ponzi scheme that #Snowden & #wikileaks document & folks like #OWS & #MaxKeiser expose.

  37. #KeithAlexander‘s real job on the #Hill is 2 protect #wallstreet. Fake “security” bubble is KEY trillion $ card in #bankster house of cards.

  38. #OWS reveals underlying fact that 80% of “security” budgets R just fuel 4 biggest scam since housing bubble. #NSA #DHS are a Ponzi schemes.

  39. Cut budgets by a few hundred billion (for real) & bad guys will throw EACH OTHER under the bus. #DHS is pure pork & #NSA is fatty bacon.

  40. If Legislative branch fails 2 stop #whitehouse #NSA power play then they, and the rest of us, R all TOAST. Corupt #DoJ is 5th ace up sleeve

  41. What kind of law enforcement can U expect when #NSA & #FBI say they must break the law & common decency just to do a half-assed job of it?

  42. If Americans wanted zero freedom 4 total security of unchecked #NSA #whitehouse power, #FBI could loan them  Whitey Bulger for less money

  43. #whitehouse claim that #NSA can’t do its job within Constitutional law is simply admitting they’re too INCOMPETENT to do their jobs.

  44. America is not benefited by lawless #NSA that creates 10 new enemies & 1000 fake “suspects” for every real foe it catches.

  45. Time 4 #NSA 2 get cut back 2 original mandate. SigInt on proven foreign foes is legit. Blackmail dossier system on friends & citizens NOT.

  46. #weiner doesn’t offer enough positives to offset his blatant negatives. Just another narcissist Pol, so dump the jerk.

  47. Dissent in Democracy consists of far far more than cries of protest, just as letting a chained prisoner yell is not freedom of speech.

  48. #NSA Stifling dissent in a Democracy compares to gagging a baby’s birth cry. Resulting quiet is the sound of death.

  49. Unlike all other forms of government Democracy REQUIRES governed to enforce law on government. #NSA & #CIA undermine that difficult process.

  50. Democracy is legalized sedition, w laws, limits & consent restraining both sides.#NSA & #CIA broke laws exceeded limits & arrogates consent

  51. @GinoPinz Twitter not conducive to thoughtful conversation. What U see is people trying 2 B heard & lack of response makes them yell louder.

  52. @GinoPinz On the other hand, Gino, it’s also possible U R a bright 15 year old kid playing at this. Either 1 is fine with me.

  53. @GinoPinz Democracy was born of criticism, not praise.  Gratitude does not require complacency to injustice, nor must love be blind.

  54. @GinoPinz In chess even the king gets moved by the someone else’ hand.

  55. @GinoPinz Actually , Gino, I assisted on that FOIA research into MK Ultra & U R mistaken. It was smallish & crazy, yes, but not fantasy.

  56. If #DHS #NSA #FBI & #obama softened their stance of who is a “terrorist” maybe we would soften our stance on telling them to stuff it.

  57. #obama‘s presidential bubble has not 1 ordinary citizen in it. Only a bunch of #wallstreet #CIA military wackos. Enuf 2 drive anybody nuts.

  58. Presidents R surrounded by advisers like #NSA, #CIA #DHS #FBI etc whose primary jobs R to scare the shit out of him. Seems to be working.

  59. I see no evidence #obama was remarkably crazy going in & must therefore conclude #CIA or #DHS etc changed him once he got there. Who & What?

  60. As #NHS #DHS #FBI & #DoJ circle the wagons #anonymous #OWS & #wikileaks should ask: “who precisely is inside the circle & who outside?”

  61. #NSA #DHS #CIA lumping all forms of disagreement, protest & dissent under the single label “Terrorism” preordains applying deadly force.

  62. “Terrorism” has always & only been flimsy excuse & camouflage for #NSA #DHS #FBI to attack what they see as the far greater threat : YOU.

  63. #NSA purpose has never been to search haystacks for needles. It is to steal haystacks. The needle story is just an excuse to case the joint.

  64. #Merkel‘s stalling lies R more proof #NSA guides German Police State with her full approval & co-operation. The #FourthReich is no theory.

  65. #OWS hitting close to home. #NSA flushed into open about protecting criminal #wallstreet. Keep at it & “weak link” NYPD will reveal HOW.

  66. Alexander is correct . #NSA‘s job has always been to protect #wallstreet Ponzi economy that financed buying America with counterfeit money.

  67. By same logic the #manning judge & prosecutors R guilty of “aiding the enemy”, since the show trial is harming America & helping terrorism.

  68. Re #manning aiding the enemy : Nice one shot gag order. Right to the point. Three short words cancel the entire American experiment.

  69. I wonder if #NSA and #wallstret apparatchiks ever recognize themselves as cattle herded to slaughter? Maybe in that last second at the end.

  70. The #Fed and #wallstreet R getting so good at taking in their own laundry they will soon have the whitest sheets in shantytown.

  71. Has the futility of using jillion dollar #NSA networks & fleets of #drones to spy on brain dead couch potatoes occurred to anyone else?

  72. Even Ponzi schemes require real things to steal else what’s the point? And the USA has less stuff worth stealing every day.

  73. US Govt clearly believes it can preserve itself without Consent of the governed. Maybe so, maybe not. What do #anonymous and #wikileaks say?

  74. #NSA #DoJ & #whitehouse have made their positions quite clear: They have right 2 see, say & do anything they please. . . and U do not.

  75. Espionage is tacit agreement that Law, Justice & Truth absolutely don’t work. So which is it ? Truth or free-for-all ? I vote 4 #wikileaks.

  76. Withholding #NSA docs to protect ‘legitimate espionage’ capability is oxymoron. Espionage is illegitimate by definition. Think again.

  77. You can always defeat tyrants by out-tyrannizing them. Or enjoy Justice for the price of low pay for hard work. Your choice.

  78. Injustice begins with the mistaken notion (born of greed) that there is such a thing as “profit”. There isn’t. Only physics & arithmetic.

  79. Your civilization has been purchased on credit by Ponzi artists & YOU gave them the $ to do it because you thought you were making a profit.

  80. #Riddle: Why do research labs prefer #NSA executives over rats & #lawyers? Answer: Rats have survival instincts & lawyers think too small.

  81. @ggreenwald Hive mind. Trying to understand the US State Dept it is like trying to parse a fever dream. Belongs in DSM of Mental Disorders.

  82. I suspect 90% of US #NSA #snowden coverage is reprinted by robotics, unseen by human editors & untouched by human brains. Automated drivel.

  83. Innocent civilians R 100 times more likely 2 be killed by #NHS or #CIA proxy than by a terrorist & 1000 times more likely 2 be injured.

  84. To justify bigger budget #NSA #DHS etc must of course find ever more dangerous “enemies” to track & entrap. Question is : which came first?

  85. Listening to #NSA #DHS & other #SpyCop Capo’s talk about trust & betrayal is like enduring Papal admonitions against sex & sin.

  86. Sufficient distrust causes paralysis. I expect #NSA #CIA #DHS 2 just freeze in their tracks any moment now. Is there a Shrink in the house?

  87. If #NSA‘s #Prism is right, & we should distrust everyone in world, shouldn’t we start with THEM ? I mean, what’s the big secret? Seriously.

  88. First #NSA & #FBI devise #Prism because they distrust everybody else in the world. It backfired & now they don’t trust themselves, either.

  89. There R no checks & balances in a system wherein balances R state secrets and the act of checking is made a crime. #NSA is a Coups D’ Etat.

  90. I Tweeted Jun 9, “No blow-back yet about Prism from other nations. Silence is ominous because there R serious international ramifications.

  91. The revolution will start when #anonymous geeks realize their #NSA Masters mean them harm, and it will successfully end 15 minutes later.

  92. The Powerful live in a bubble that invariably destroys their humanity by altering every single sensory input until they R insane. #anonymous

  93. #DoJ like old J Edgar, can blackmail with data & coerce by threat of prosecution. Holder LOOKS passive, but he is NOT. #wikileaks him & win

  94. Every successful Pol in DC has enough dirt on the competition to bury them. A treasure trove 4 #anonymous & #wikileaks if U can schmooze.

  95. Washington Pols don’t prosecute crimes, they use ’em as blackmail leverage. #anonymous & #wikileaks should reach out to Pols 4 leaks on foes

  96. Eric Holder empowered by having indictable offenses as blackmail on everybody. But not on @anonymous or #wikileaks. So get him fired.

  97. #Clapper thinks he owns cops, courts media & so can say anything with impunity.Don’t #wikileaks to his pals, leak to his political foes.

  98. If Stalin, Pol Pot, and L Ron Hubbard got together with the #obama over beers to re-write “1984” NSA is what they would come up with.

  99. If #USA was coal mine the floor is littered with dead canaries. Bad time to light up. Good time 4 tougher canaries & #anonymous #wikileaks.

  100. #NSA wagging the dog is case of wrong metaphor . . .more like having tiger by the tail. Their end has the asshole, our end has #wikileaks .

  101. #whitehouse talking points on #NSA R being pushed ( onto #snowden ) so hard SURELY some ruffled reporter would share with us thru #wikileaks

  102. @AnonBig He missed once ? Probably got reprimanded. He’s a hit man plain & simple. SWAT teams R just Death Squads by another name.@AnonBig

  103. How many good paying jobs don’t require condoning a crime, sucking up to some Govt psychopath or turning a blind eye? #wikileaks can help U.

  104. Domestic surveillance drones R paper weights until someone programs & guides them. Who is that, exactly ? And what targets? Tell #wikileaks.

  105. Consider size of #NSA crimes & all they do is collect data. How about the cowboys in #CIA #DHS & #FBI who actually DO things with it ?

  106. If 10% of potential leakers knowing of blockbuster Corp/Govt crime reported all at once, #wikileaks would need more data storage than #NSA.

  107. Sucking up to anyone probably not good, but American #media suck up to homicidal psychopaths like #NSA, #DHS #CIA. Just read about #Snowden.

  108. Lacking a real enemy #NSA & its #DHS #CIA buddies have decided they don’t like YOU very much because, obviously, you R not 1 of them.

  109. #NSA is like a killer dog, useful in a fight but will turn and eat master if it gets off the leash. Oops!

  110. #anonymous needs a “Whistleblower Protection Program”. Spring ’em from jail. New ID’s. Decent Job outside USA. The works.

  111. So, whadaya think ? Any large deliveries of paper shredders & disk sweeper software to #DHS #FBI #CIA or #NSA recently ? Might be prudent.

  112. When the truth outs #NSA criminal stooges go to jail. Such PERSONAL motivation partly explains why #snowden pursuit so vicious & stupid.

  113. It was absolutely inevitable from start that outrageously excessive #NSA criminal overreach would eventually damage US National security.

  114. Releasing precisely select #NSA doc would knock some #snowden pursuers outta the ring. Show ’em your Sunday Punch. Teach ’em some respect.

  115. Advantage #NSA & #DARPA psychopaths have over sane people of #OWS & #wikileaks is that by thinking the unthinkable they stay one step ahead.

  116. Why expect totally corrupt elites to prosecute #NSA pals when U have the evidence & the whole world to serve as judge jury & hangman?

  117. Guys, the #NSA has not collected a jillion giggle-bytes on civilians and not used it. Questions R : On whom & 4 what? #snowden might know.

  118. If #NSA collects data illegally it uses it illegally too. Example : If armed #drones R planned 4 domestic use, who would direct them & how?

  119. Edward #Snowden has sacrificed his life for his country in the finest example of American Patriotism that we have seen in a generation

  120. Each descending echelon in chain of command is under increasing pressure to stifle #Snowden. Shit flows down hill. Must be HELL near bottom.

  121. If you had done to them what they have done to us then you would be afraid of retribution too. No wonder #obama and #NSA R scared shitless.

  122. Danger of Speaking Truth to Power is it reinforces persecution delusions of paranoids . #NSA #obama #CIA etc fear the evil they have done.

  123. #NSA panders to #whitehouse paranoia by feeding #obama the twisted spy reports that validate the guilty fears of #FBI #DHS & others.

  124. #whitehouse trust in what #NSA has stolen and skewed to self advantage, but distrust of citizen protest, illustrates the pathology of crime.

  125. The next 10 #snowden-esque #whistleblowers are already standing in the wings . #NSA has limited time to either get straight or get out.

  126. Transfer from top spy at #DHS to hired gun at #UC is just TOO too weird, even for traitor like #Napolitano. What are they up to? #NSA op ?

  127. Secrecy of #UCRegents #Napolitano appointment has#NSA fingerprints all over it. What is the specific evil intent? UC research maybe?

  128. So what dirty deed has #NSA tasked #Napolitano with at #UC ? U know it’s something nasty. Maybe #wikileaks can find out ?

  129. Rumor or what? Key technicians on Ultra Top Secret military projects threatened with prison if they quit. Anyone else heard of that?

  130. Multi-million salary plum to faithful #DHS #SpyCop Napolitano following secretive Regents meetings. Great target 4 #occupy, though.

  131. Uncanny parallels between #Snowden and the author B. Traven , both in situation & message. Maybe #anonymous & #OWS could recycle some of it?

  132. Statistics undeniable. The more #media lie the more people turn to the net for true info , proving #assange was right & democracy will win.

  133. Do you hear that music in the wind? That’s history rhyming again. #Elites greed & fear drive the injustice that brings their own downfall.

  134. Everyone sees it but them. As #elites escalate injustice to protect privilege they create more need for #wikileaks, #ows & #snowden

  135. #obamacare is a nostarter because it isn’t about health or care. It’s about extending biggest #Ponzi since WW II. Fail. #ows knows it, too.

  136. a generation ago battle would be to enforce Law. Now it is to restore a culture grown accustomed to graft, lies & servitude.#ows #wikileaks.

  137. How about a bake sale to save democracy? $10 gets you an #NSA tracking cookie . Proceeds to #wikileak

  138. @ggreenwald Pincus retirement would be both a promotion & an act of mercy. Judging from recent articles he may actually be senile.

  139. #newsmedia that focus on #snowden or #whitehouse “talking points” should be loudly attacked for criminal #NSA collusion. Make THEM the story

  140. Covert #NSA purpose is to serve VERY specific commercial interests & individuals. ID them by name & deed & #wikileaks will break their backs

  141. #NSA #DHS & #whitehouse won’t do it. The one and only guarantee of Freedom is the courageous exercise thereof, like #occupy & #wikileaks.

  142. @nealyohay @gooddata Buffet’s recipe is to influence Govt expenditure into his own projects. Basically robbing taxpayers for personal gain.

  143. For #elites to take more than deserved many must get less than deserved, thus #corruption is inherent to #hierarchy. The bigger the more so.

  1. “Pax Romana” myth sustained by phenom of #WIMP (War-Intel-Money-Police) systems collapsing into violence they nurtured to maintain Empire.

  2. Empire, as expression of #WIMP (War-Intel-Money-Police) system, is thus antithetic to #democracy & terrified of #wikileaks #snowden #occupy.

  3. Crucial fact about War-Intel-Money-Police (#WIMP) system is that removing even 1 piece kills it dead. #occupy & #anonymous take note.

  4. #occupy Money-Intel-War-Police ‘system’ undefeatable UNTIL access to 1 or more of its 4 elements is broken. Ponzi money weakest, Intel next.

  5. When Rothschild showed Brits how game is played they fully got it. It’s not #GCHQ conspiracy #occupy must defeat, but an operating method.

  6. England never lost military empire. Just gave grunt work to its top colony for share of profits. #Prism basically #GCHQ Op that US pays for.

  7. England sees USA as Rubes since Treaty of Paris. #GCHQ espionage rules world by playing on #whitehouse vanity & #banksters greed. Never fails.

  8. Seek & Ye Shall Find. #French style surveillance not unique. ALL have it & all share data with #NSA. That’s why they won’t help #snowden.

  9. #anonymous Analyzing press attacks on #Assange & #Snowden for “buzz words” & “talking points” will reveal entire #NSA captive media network.

  10. Pushing analyzed facts from #wikileaks to helpful journalists/bloggers can help them dismantle & discredit attacks on #snowden #assange etc.

  11. Currently #wikileaks data must be “pulled”. Why not PUSH data to key people? When badguy hits goodguy, PUSH vital facts to goodguy to help.

  12. Envision how talent base helping #Snowden #Assange #Manning could expand #wikileaks into MultiMedia News Outlet with broad public appeal.

  13. @OpManning @ekspct Demand signatory nations formally reaffirm or openly repudiate the UN Declaration of Human Rights , line by line.

  14. Typo error on book cover spurs recall. Correct spelling should read “Mendacity of Hype”. #anonymous advises to Call #whitehouse for refund.

  15. Talk about Hubris ! #whitehouse search for #snowden on #Bolivia plane just dislodged the keystone of centuries of international law.

  16. #whitehouse search for #snowden on #Bolivia plane means all diplomatic aircraft safe nowhere outside their own airspace. What a TOTAL idio

  17. Precedent of violating #Bolivia immunity in searching plane for #snowden endangers lives of every sovereign when outside their own borders.

  18. #EU “apologies” to #Bolivia basically mean if #snowden had been on plane then violation of sovereignty would be OK. How is that an apology?

  19. REAL spies don’t mind being watched because it reveals what watcher is interested in, but cops just HATE it. So, #NSA are cops, not spies.

  20. Something tells me that “Liberty & Justice For All” is not what #whitehouse has in mind with #NSA #prism #DHS & all. 

  21. #obama knows that more bad gov’t won’t produce what is only derived from good gov’t. Maybe there’s a different goal? 

  22. The more #NSA listens to what world says about #Prism the more terrified they become. They would feel better if they just stopped listening.

  23. Enlightened #Islam understands that untrammeled human rights include their religious rights as well. Western #oligarchs fear that awakening.

  24. Democracy is not rule by the majority. It is governance by the people.

  25. Legitimate government sees injustice as the primary threat to security. Dictatorships see it as necessity. #snowden exposed which 1 we have.

  26. In #snowden hunt, unwise for #obama to suborn extradition, gut asylum law & alienate allies. He may want them later. 

  27. #obama‘s #NewWorldOrder sure is disorderly. Rewriting & bypassing rules (on the fly) is what losers do at the end.

  1. #Obama excuses #prism , saying all nation collect data on each other. True. But US is only nation, ever, to collect ALL data on ALL others.

  2. @davidpetschull @wikileaks The “no action” is due to corrupt captured Executive & Judicial Branches , which are intrinsically authoritarian.

  3. #NSA scandal makes @obama attempt political suicide by repeated kicks to his own ass.Calls it #terrorist attack. He’s right about that part.

  4. This #July4th I stand by the 4th Amendment and against the #NSA‘s unconstitutional surveillance of Internet users. 

  5. Assume #NSA & #whitehouse are genius IQ sociopaths. Then ask: why would they do something precisely the way they did? What objective?

  6. @EJ_Snowden No country would willfully comply, but it’s Government certainly would, if primary loyalty is to anything other than its people.

  7. @OccupyWallStNYC Those are really dumb cops. Can’t even tell when someone’s got their hand out for a bigger bribe.

  8. If Govts never betrayed their citizens, Espionage wouldn’t work. Don’t assume Merkel loyal to Germans, or Hollande to French.#prism #snowden

  9. @OccupyWallStNYC Well I hope they had the good sense to pretend cooperation and find out exactly what the agents wanted them to do and say.

  10. @OccupyWallStNYC But buying off a Democrat is less expensive per unit .

  11. @OccupyWallStNYC Maybe we could all get lucky and he chokes on a platitude.

  12. @OccupyWallStNYC Change that to $499 defaulted payment and everything’s good.

  13. @OccupyWallStNYC @HuffingtonPost Since police only have 600 word vocabulary, a new word in = old word out. “Terrorist” replaces “bad”.

  14. @OccupyWallStNYC And has a street value of $1.17 paper + print costs. $5 bucks more for optional embossed gold thingy in the corner.

  15. @EJ_Snowden Spies might, especially if offered a share of the data. Fear, yes, plenty of it. But guilt, too. They have slept with the enemy.

  16. While awaiting #Germany #France #Austria to explain who ordered kidnap of #Bolivia Pres #Morales to catch #snowden I will not hold my breath

  17. #wallstreet died in 2007, but that much rotting meat takes time to hit the ground. Too bad they try to take democracy with them. #anonymous

  18. Ex #Google #cycberspook (& #NSA Patron Saint) #EricSchmidt writes the worlds longest suicide note .  via @verge

  19. When stressed by #snowden exposure of #Prism, #NSA style systems totally failed & #whitehouse resorted to old style extortion. Weakness !

  20. The question is NOT whether #RedHack is terrorist or if #RedHackIsNotTerrorist . The key fact to make note of is that RedHack … IS !

  21. Why is #EU so silent after betraying #Bolivia to capture #snowden? Is it fear of #whitehouse extortion, or willful complicity in #Prism?

  22. There are only 3 world powers : #wallstreet #banksters , #Sectarian #Islam, and #anonymous #democracy. Pick your side because the war is on.

  23. #France #Italy #Austria too craven to admit who ordered kidnap President of sovereign #Bolivia. The most cowardly act of the century so far.

  24. #whitehouse suborns EU #Morales kidnapping to catch #snowden & none complain or explain. Impotent silence. Impotent being operative word.

  25. #Austrian Journalist” is oxymoron. News from inside Austria on #morales #snowden incident just useless vague skimpy evasive weasel words.

  26. Political price being paid by #whitehouse on #Snowden pursuit confirms more than #NSA documents alone ever could. Proof beats evidence.

  27. #CIA #GCHQ puppets in #Germany #France #Italy etc have not been paying proper attention to #occupy events in #Turkey #Egypt #Brazil. Pity.

  28. Governments kowtowing to #obama ‘s #Prism planet tactics abdicate all claim to legitimacy by such display & will pay the usual price.

  29. The generation watching #Snowden heroism sees the Bully of Babylon having its way the old way & the #anonymous showing the new way.

  30. @IanKerr @williambanzai7 Such an excellent observation that I think #europoodles deserves full hashtag status.

  31. #anonymous Bolivia Information Forum, and other #Boliva info sources could use help getting Twitterized. Can U guys unstick the data flow?

  32. #GIABO I bet this #snowden pursuit & #NSA #Prism criminal fiasco knocks over a few more dominoes in at-risk economies. Tear gas stock is up.

  33. #CIA chasing #snowden by getting #Bolivia presidential plane diverted to Austria gives whole new meaning to “The French Connection.”

  34. @maxkeiser Alright! Now expel French, Italian & Portugal diplomats, refuse use of Bolivian air space to fly, and let them hike home.

  35. @Boliviainfo @williambanzai7 Good start. Now don’t let them use Bolivian air space to fly home. Let them hike out.

  36. @AlexisTwolf #snowden still relevant because keeping story on him keeps story off of what is in the #NSA documents themselves.

  37. “no holds barred” is another word for war. Is #whitehouse THAT scared of what #snowden has in the purloined #NSA documents? Looks that way.

  38. Is #whitehouse threatening nations with cutting #Fed support of their bad debts to coerce their co-op to snag #snowden? The financial nuke.

  39. #occupy #anonymous Biggest Fastest stick #whitehouse has to coerce nations on #snowden is their debts to US #banksters. Instant bankruptcy.

  40. @phpress @blogdiva Because it was illegal & ultra fast it had to be top authority using person to person hot-line. One step below top level.

  41. @AlexisTwolf By terrifying primary channels Whitehouse forces story onto small channels like Internet blogs. Easy to discredit & distract.

  42. When #Bush Jr said “you’re either with us or against us” who could guess he meant #obama as one of the “us” and us as all of the “against”?

  43. Clamping down lid, sealing escape routes & turning up the heat describes #whitehouse pursuit of #snowden. Or a Pressure Cooker set to blow.

  44. No privacy no law no rights no asylum no warrants no truth no sovereignty no money no jobs no democracy. Just #NSA, and #obama‘s audacity.

  45. #obama reckons “why scramble jets for #snowden when I own all the airports?” But #France & #Austria kissing his ring was a real surprise.

  46. #whitehouse pursuit of #snowden at all costs smacks of real fear more than it does vengeful demonstration of power. Hiding something BAD!

  47. #NSA documents must be worse than thought for #whitehouse to sacrifice whole nations just to catch #snowden. Like genocidal war crime bad.

  48. Even if #snowden on board , #Bolivian Presidential aircraft is “sovereign soil”. #Austria committed act of war based on #whitehouse “rumor”.

  49. #austria does unto #Bolivia what #whitehouse does unto them: warrantless search of ‘sovereign soil’. As unto #snowden so unto the world.

  50. Anybody asking about national & international laws broken diverting #Morales plane? #DoJ & #CIA cowboys are not EU air traffic controllers.

  51. #Snowden RUMOR !? That’s how air traffic control of VIP aircraft is handeled in France? I thought it was hunches, intuition & Tarot cards.

  52. #obama ‘s #DoS “diplomacy” in #snowden pursuit looks like a Mafia extortion shakedown. “Give up da guy else sumpin’ bad might happen to ya.”

  53. #Snowden should avoid French airspace out of sheer disgust. #NSA can cancel #Prism in #France. There are no dangerous men there any more.

  54. #NSA wire taps French embassy, diplomats, citizens, and yet France bows to #obama & diverts Morales plane. So much for French Nat’l honor.

  55. #obama pursuit of #Snowden & #Manning perverts Universal Declaration of Human Rights into a checklist for crimes against humanity.

  56. #NSA & #DHS paranoid delusion make them prone to psychosis. A new Boss could use your Subservience today as evidence of Subversion tomorrow.

  57. Basically #Putin told #Snowden, “Once the #NSA horses are all out of the barn you must close & lock the doors & never let them out again! ”

  58. @TimothyS I think Putin chose his words carefully. Snowden personally must stop. Neither he nor Russia can control what others do.

  59. @W911 @Thomas_Drake1 It is always more dangerous to steal from thieves than from honest folk.

  60. #Oligarchs form teams, too, & the US UK team served by #NSA & #GCHQ think they can take everyone else’s marbles. Got caught, dintcha?

  61. No reform of #PoliceState mentality until #Oligarchs see its’ net financial liability. It took #Germany 50 yrs to learn & 10 yrs to forget.

  62. Biggest irony of #NSA #CIA Ops is the more they hear the less they LISTEN. They hear victims’ pained howls & interpret as hostile attacks.

  63. Espionage done right enables survival. Done wrong assures carnage & defeat. How do #NSA #CIA #DHS #DoJ #DoS measure up? Yeah,I think so too.

  64. Never give matches to kids, drinks to alcoholics or #NSA to delusional paranoid schizophrenics. If #obama too chicken to fix it, we’re done.

  65. US Intel (#CIA, #FBI, #DHS) totally dependent on #NSA which feeds them only paranoid delusions. No wonder they’re all crazy and incompetent.

  66. #Prism is designed to only find enemies and operated to only make enemies. Seems to be working pretty well. #NSA chief IS insane, you know.

  67. #NSA ‘s Grand #Prism Strategy:1) Turn friends into enemies.2) Wire Tap to prove they plot self defense 3) Lobby to protect against plots.

  68. #Prism is perfect tool for the paranoid. It finds people the paranoid doesn’t like (everyone) & filters to find what they say and to whom.

  69. US #NSA xenophobia easily understood: Paranoids have no friends & make all the enemies they need to feed paranoid delusions of persecution.

  70. If belief in #conspiracytheory means crazy than how nuts does that make #NSA ?

  71. Riddle: how can #NSA #prism know everything about a citizen & nothing about morality? Answer: morality has no IP address or unique device ID

  72. Riddle: What’s the difference between an #NSA #PrismSysOp a citizen & a light bulb ? Answer: basically , who gets to screw who.

  73. An #NSA #PrismSysop and a rectum walk into a bar & the barkeep sez to ’em “This bar doesn’t serve Assholes!” so the SysOp leaves .

  74. An #NSA #PrismSysop is trying to pick up a babe in a singles bar, so he sez, “Hi, I’m a Cancer” and babe replies, “You’re telling me!”

  75. #anonymous An #NSA agent dies and is sent to Hades, whereupon Satan greets him , saying, “You’re lucky. For the rest of us this is Hell.”

  76. Telling ‘knock knock’ jokes to the #NSA is no fun because they already know who’s there.

  77. #anonymous most Wacko conspiracy theory of all is #NSA #DHS paranoid delusion of persecution by EVERYBODY. Dial back the #blow, guys!

  78. #DoJ #DHS #obama Highest per capita cocaine consumption IN THE WORLD is Washington, DC. New #DEA motto: “Just Say Yes We Can To Drugs!”

  79. #anonymous #NSA A secrecy obsessed fraternity of drug addled brats in Washington think they’re our Daddy & expect top tier pay for the job

  80. Seriously (no riddle this time) by offering EU spy agencies access to #Prism, #NSA and #GCHQ gained unprecedented access to their networks.

  81. #anonymous Riddle : How did #NSA & #GCHQ #Prism fishermen hook EU national spy agency fish ? Answer : with BAIT , silly !

  82. Because it’s an espionage game most #Prism blowback carnage against #NSA & #GCHQ will be hidden. Too bad. Would be fun to watch.

  83. How humiliating for #EU spy agencies. The took the bait of illegal #prism data on their own citizens & got hooked by #NSA & #GCHQ

  84. #EU victims were lured by US & UK #prism op to believe they were insiders to secret surveillance, when they were the targets all along.

  85. The US & UK #Prism collaboration isn’t “under cover”, it’s “under the covers”. More “co-whores” than cohorts, running a global badger game.

  86. #NSA The #Prism logo is revealingly sinister if you really think about it. Control ANY by examining ALL to learn precise nature of EACH.

  87. Riddle : What does #EricHolder do all day at #DoJ ? Answer : the question is the answer : dodge

  88. #anonymous Riddle: If secret Laws are made in secret does Rule of Law mean we have secret rulers? Answer : That’s not a riddle, it’s a fact.

  89. #NSA #DoJ Riddle : How many crucial loopholes are there in #FISA legislation ? Answer : Just one. The legislation IS the loophole.

  90. Riddle: How can we be so sure #mainstreammedia is in the pocket of the #NSA and #WallStreet ? Answer : Where there is smoke there’s smoke

  91. #anonymous #truther Riddle : How can we be absolutely certain that Barrack #Obama is not a Muslim ? Answer : Pork

  92. #occupyWallStnyc Riddle : Why did the #SEC regulator finally investigate the #bankster ? Answer : job search.

  93. #anonymous Riddle : Why will the combined forces of #CIA #NSA #DHS #DoD , etc , never win the #WarOnTerror ? Answer : job security

  94. #occupy Riddle : Why can’t the #DoJ just arrest and prosecute the criminals on #WallStreet ? Answer : the 5th Amendmen

  95. #occupyWallSt Riddle: What are the 2 biggest questions a #bankster has for an #SEC regulator? Answer: Will that be Cash, or Check ?

  96. #occupy #anonymous Riddle : What do you call a #democracy where everything except your personal life is secret : Answer : a riddle

  97. #occupy #anonymous Riddle: What would you call it to awake tomorrow in a democracy not owned and operated by #criminals ? Answer : dreaming

  98. #occupy #anonymous Riddle : What do all #corporations have in common ? Answer : You

  99. Riddle: What should a #wallstreet #bankster say to #EricHolder ? Answer : Thanks

  100. Riddle : What should an #FBI agent say when he shoots a treasonous #terrorist suspect ? Answer : Ouch!

  101. Riddle : What would you call it if #EriceHolder stood up on his hind legs & defended the #4thAmendment ? Answer : Evolution

  102. Riddle : What would you call a secret network with secret control over #wallstreet , #mainstreammedia & #government ? Answer: Profitable.

  103. #anonymous Riddle: What should the #FLOTUS say if she awoke to find a serial mass murderer in her bedroom ? Answer : Good morning, Dear .

  104. Riddle : Who is our best hope for finally getting a true #patriot as #POTUS ? Answer : Darwin

  105. #Prism Here comes EU “blowback” I tweeted weeks ago. US/UK WW 2 Espionage apparatus alive & sicker than ever. Heads will roll & bubbles pop

  106. #anonymous Do any #NSA data feeds link to any #HFT computers on #wallstreet ? What an edge that would be .Some #hackers should check it out.

  107. #GIABO Riddle: What should you do if you enter a public rest room stall and see that a #bankster is already there ? Answer : flush.

  108. #GIABO Riddle : how many criminals work on #WallStreet ? Answer : define “work”.

  109. #NSA is not a house of bricks, it is a house of cards. One more big #occupywallstnyc puff of street protest & whole Ponzi mess falls down.

  110. #maxkeiser Best opportunity in a generation to bust #bankseters bubble is coordinated default of crooked #studentloans Needs ONE hashtag.

  111. #GIABO Riddle : If #NSA married #GoldmanSachs what would their kids be ? Answer : very very rich .

  112. Does secret #NSA data go to #banksters like #GoldmanSachs ? Like god himself whispering tomorrow’s horse racing results into your ear.

  113. #occupyWallSt #MaxKeiser Riddle: What would you get if you crossed #LloydBlankfein with a dirty rotten greedy stinking pig? Answer: A clone.

  114. #occupy #GIABO #MaxKeiser Riddle: What would #JamieDimon say if he saw a serial rapist? Answer: Good morning handsome! Hmm, I need a shave.

  1. #cops #SpyCops #occupy Is there something about law enforcement that causes hair loss? Police in the USA look like a bunch of skinheads.

  2. #obama #anonymous #Snowden #Prism The more America tries to be the Big Fish in a Small Pond, the more it looks like a Guppy In A Shot Glass.

  3. #DHS #occupywallstreet #anonymous #teaparty The mindset behind “Homeland Security” is a barbed wire fence around a herd of cattle.

  4. #teaparty #truther Riddle : Where was Barrack #Obama born ? Answer : Are you quite sure about your primary assumption?

  5. #nsa #DoJ #obama #occupy #anonymous Riddle : When is enough just, bloody, ENOUGH ! Answer : I’m afraid we’re about to find out .

  6. #DoJ Riddle: What’s ideal number of real #journalists to sustain #FirstAmendment? Answer : Ask me later, there’s a few still on the loose.

  7. #DoJ #nsa #snowden #Holder #anonymous Riddle : What is the 4th Amendment ? Answer : Don’t bother asking anyone inside the Beltway.

  8. #nsa #prism Riddle : How much privacy does it take to sustain a real Democracy? Answer : I’ll let you know as soon as we have either one.

  9. #anonymous #DoJ Riddle: How man #nsa #SpyCops does it take to catch Edward #Snowden ? Answer : You ARE joking, right ?

  10. Riddle : How many #nsa spies does it take to screw up a country? Answer : No idea, but gimme a budget & I’ll get back to you with a number.

  11. #nsa #teaparty #occupy Riddle: How is #Obama DIFFERENT than #Goebbels ? Answer: Except for Obama being a good liar, nothing springs to mind.

  12. #teaparty #anonymous #occupy Riddle: How is #Obama like Lincoln? Answer: Except for being tall skinny guys who started a civil war, not much.

  13. #nsa #Privacy #anonymous If paranoia is unfounded belief they are reading your mail , what is it called when they ARE reading your mail?

  14. I think the crimes by #CIA, #NSA #FBI may be more horrifying than we thought possible. Like genetic bio weapons actually used on humans.

  15. Is this a hoax?? RT“@Xdeep13: …. Crazy leaked video from #anonymous of pentagon leaking flu virus to control

  16. #DoJ invoking #RuleOfLaw reminds me of Custer’s ACTUAL last words, ” Look, fellows, can’t we just sit down and work this out peacefully ?”

  17. Gutting #Constitution had consequences. Anything goes. Most already gone to #nsa #SpyCops and #banksters . The rest will go to meanest dog.

  18. Too bad straw man #obama is afraid to blow whistle on #nsa. Loves the perks but not the country. Replace with inflatable & who would notice?

  19. Someone should thank #obama and his #SpyCop pals for help keeping the #nsa #privacy crisis up there on page one. Couldn’t do it without ’em.

  20. #CIA #Terrorism The only remaining voices in the room are the slavering howls of two mad dogs , having it out to see who gets to eat us.

  21. Before using the slang acronym #POTUS read book “A Man Called INTREPID”. Churchill coined term when he and Roosevelt dismantled Democracy.

  22. #snowden Moscow, Cuba, Venezuela. Why not Santa’s Village at North Pole ? When SpyCops stock stream with RED herrings, expect BIG new leak.

  23. #nsa #fbi #cia #gchq History has absolute lessons.One is that spies first serve the Government and then become the Government.Like now.

  24. #nsa #fbi #CIA #GCHQ #MI5 Serious analysts of US/UK secret Intel Ops MUST read “A Man Called Intrepid”. How we won WW II & lost all else.

  1. #nsa #annonymous Twitter is a Buzz Saw. Mostly the teeth just whirl in a circle making noise, but when they touch? Chips fly ! Don’t touch.

  2. #DoJ #FISA Intended use of FISA legislation was the loopholes. #SpyCops needed them to circumvent known laws. The rest is just camouflage.

  3. #occupy #occupygezi #brazil Tayyip Erdogan attempts suicide by repeated kicks to his own ass & tries to call it conspiratorial murder.

  1. After decimating Youth & Middle Class Erdogan denounces #occupygezi & #occupybrazil as Conspiracy. He whines, “They hit me back first !”

  2. #nsa #occupy #anonymous The “Spy-Cop” security industry is just another financial bubble, but vital to Wall Street as their “inforcers.”

  3. #nsa #brazilchange #occupy Spy-Cops are the enforcers for Wall Street #banksters. They need each other and BOTH need economic Ponzi bubble.

  4. #occupywallstreet  ‘Bubble’ economies cannot survive social unrest of dissent because Investors’ fears override their greed & they pull $ out.

  5. #occupywallstreet #anonymous Victory closer than you think. Ponzi schemes collapse suddenly. No ponzi economy means no money for spy-cops.

  6. #anonymous #occupywallstreet Bad Guy’s playbook fully revealed in “A Man Called Intrepid” by William Stevenson. Why US/UK still run the war.

  7. #Obama #DoJ When all who speak truth to power are silenced, all remaining messages are lies.

  8. #DoJ #Snowden Leaks  are the new Press Release. Get “Praise & A Raise” or Death Penalty, depending on who ordered the hit. Mobster justice.

  9. #anonymous #GIABO I have always thought that “News Feed ” was just the absolute GREATEST word for it is . “Feed “. “Cattle”. Get it ? Ah, well.

  1. #nsa #obama #anonymous Atomic bomb looked like full spectrum dominance too, until everybody got one. How’s that look now ?

  2. #nsa #prism #greenwald “Secure Network” is an oxymoron. Sooner or later the wrong people SHALL figure out a way in. They may already have.

  3. #nsa #obama Don’t panic, but Prism (etc) makes us MORE vulnerable to terrorists , not less,  because baddies SHALL eventually gain access to it

  4. #occupy #anonymous Every activist should memorize book : “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu, most victorious (and peaceful) General of all time.

  5. #occupy Annual income is a Rap Sheet of white collar crime. To get something for nothing requires someone else got nothing for something.

  1. #whistleblowers Make WHISTLE symbol of our cause. Jewelry, Pendants, Ear Rings, etc. Self sustaining cottage industry to support Freedom.

  2. #nsa #greewald #snowden #anonymous Enemy’s strategy is to decapitate by vilification. SO put different necks on the block, THEIRS !

  3. #greenwald #snowden #anonymous  This is Psychological War. Learn it or lose it.

  4. #nsa #greenwald #snowden #anonymous Until you give the enemy an INDIVIDUAL human face & name the vast majority will not know who to fight.

  5. #anonymous #occupy The GOOD GUYS’ problem, compatriots, is that you prefer being rational to being victorious. Make it PERSONAL !!

  6. #nsa #anonymous #occupy Gen’l Kieth Alexander is a Duke who would be King. More power than Pres by far.

  7. #nsa #greenwald #snowden Media NEEDS a villain & if you don’t give them a real live individual then they will use Greenwald or Snowden.

  8. #nsa #greenwald #snowden In absence of Hard News Event media will always focus on NAMES , so give them an EVENT g-dammit ! Reveal docs !

  9. #nsa #snowden #greenwald Worst overstep of NSA’s original mandate is that it shifted from Inteligence Collection into Political Operations.

  10. #nsa #boozallen In the parlance of espionage Booz Allen is a “Front Group.” Today’s ideal Front Group makes tons of money for its Masters.

  11. #nsa Flex rules for Government & Inflex rules for us. They Rule but they don’t Lead. It may be Government but it sure ain’t Democracy.

  12. #nsa #julianassange #BoozAllen Booz Allen looking for new Systems Admin in Hawaii. Hey, Julian, looking for work? Great perks, man.

  1. #nsa #obama Prism prevented some terrorist incidents over two decades. So did genocide, atomic bombs, malaria and tobacco.

  2. #nsa #obama Cure for arrogance & hubris is so cruel that few can administer it : PROVE the underlying cowardice, incompetence & fraud. Very ugly.

  3. #nsa #obama #anonymous At its fundamental core Arrogance (and thus Hubris) IS the same fear of own weak cowardice that creates a bully.

  4. #nsa #occupy #anonymous Arrogance born of incompetence sees 4th Amendment as antiquated idealism & not as the acquired wisdom of geniuses.

  5. #nsa The necessary compartmentalization & secrecy of Prism obscures its evil even from itself. They created a beast that will eat THEM too

  6. #nsa #prism Individual Prism pieces merely bad. Only when assembled is Frankenstein’s Monster revealed & no one that smart. Not even NSA.

  7. #nsa #obama #occupy Prism, etc, is NOT to keep us safe. It’s simply to KEEP us. It’s an ownership thing.

  8. #nsa Wow this NSA thing puts Evernote and DropBox to shame. Talk about the PENULTIMATE Cloud Storage shared folder ! Anybody got the URL ?

  9. #nsa #privacy #anonymous Privacy is another way to say “Persosnal Sovereignty Under Law.” Death of privacy equals death of Law & vice versa.

  10. #nsa #obama #DoJ The unwritten rules that assure a seat at Elite’s banquet will always prevail over mere antiquated LAW like 4th Amendment.

  11. #nsa #Prism This is two-tiered war. Bottom Tier is hirelings castrating testy young bulls & Top Tier is Owners vying for ownership of herd.

  12. #nsa #Prism #DoJ Current crisis will reveal REAL fault lines in society. Not just haves vs have-nots, but espionage that keeps it that way.

  13. #nsa #Obama So our Govt, instead of going after criminal computer crime, saw how successful it was, & copied the criminal methods instead.

  14. #nsa #wikileaks The Leak is the new Press Release. With number of agendas inside Beltway, how many “leaks” in a day? Who gets prosecuted?

  15. #nsa #occupy Laws, Commands and Enforcement from Oligarchs always and only serve their profit motive. That’s why civil DISOBEDIENCE works.

  16. #nsa #occupy #geziparki #taksim LONG Medium Level civil unrest key to victory, by popping enemy finance bubbles. Tahrir is model, NOT Syria.

  17. #nsa #occupy Civil unrest increases profitability of crushing unrest but drains all other budgets. LONG Medium Level civil unrest is key.

  18. #nsa #occupy Civil unrest deflates financial bubbles, but it INFLATES “security” budget bubble. Wrong sequence. FIRST pop security bubble.

  19. #nsa Spying makes money, money buys spies, spies harm people, people rise up, raise spy budget to put them down, so spies make more money.

  20. #nsa #prism Whenever some jerk says “I have nothing to fear because I have nothing to hide” it reminds everyone else how WRONG that it.

  21. @mtaibbi Financially dissect what’s happening  in Turkey and discover that the way to beat Oligarchs is to Pop Financial Bubbles.

    Douglas Benton Smith Douglas Benton Smith@DBentonSmith 12 Jun

  22. #nsa #prism #wikileaks The cat can’t be stuffed back into the bag when the cat grows and the bag shrinks.

  23. #nsa #prism All that Pew Research survey means is 59% of Americans know what to say when the NSA is listening in on the telephone survey.

    Douglas Benton Smith Douglas Benton Smith@DBentonSmith 11 Jun

  24. #PewResearch just used telephones bugged by NSA to survey people about NSA bugging people’s phones. Results? People LOVE wiretaps.

  25. #nsa #Prism Pew Research should have prefaced their survey with: “This call IS being recorded, analyzed and permanently stored by the NSA.”

  26. #nsa #snowden logic of Govt charging Snowden is that a hit man who won’t kill after taking pay should be prosecuted for breach of contract.

  27. #assange  Very likely that State Dept wikileaks docs contain undetected evidence that Prism Pgm  snooped ally nations globally.

  28. @TimothyS Michael Hayden’s Digital Blackwater ref  hilariously appropriate . In plumbing “blackwater” means TOILET SEWAGE.

  29. #nsa It is a very short and virtually irresistable path from where we are now to the destination of NSA being our one and only government.

  30. #nsa If Stalin, Pol Pot, and L Ron Hubbard got together over beers to design an Internal Security System, NSA is what they’ld come up with.

  31. #nsa There can be no checks &/or balances in a system wherein balances are state secrets and the very act of checking is itself a crime.

  32. #nsa By intrinsic design NSA is uncontrollable, as inspection & correction are both secret & illegal. For USA it’s all over but the buryin’.

  33. #nsa When secret policy becomes state law & every revelation is turned into a crime that makes every questioner an enemy of the state.

  34. @MattButlerUSA @whitehouse Espionage can get pretty convoluted, but not so twisted that China tosses away a mole so well placed in NSA.

  35. @liel But it’s not about Snowden’s age, convictions, or any other attribute. It is about NSA/Prism being utterly corrosive to Democracy.

  36. #nsa Since NSA knows more secrets than the rest of the government combined, how could it possibly NOT wag the dog?

  37. #nsa No blow-back yet about Prism, etc., from other nations. Silence is ominous because there ARE serious internation ramifications.

  38. #nsa World may object to US/UK partnership as hegemonic secret intelligence masters of other nations’ citizens. A Black Swan perhaps?

  39. #nsa The revolution will start when geeks realize they hold ALL of the cards, and it will successfully end 15 minutes later.

  40. #nsa Obama’s top two thoughts must be same as Custer’s at Little Big Horn : 1) Uh, oh! , and, 2) Jeez, there sure are a lot of ’em!

  41. #nsa Interesting satirical speculation about Economic sanctions against USA at . Global markets do that automatically.

  42. #nsa Presidents come and go , but #NSA abides. Maybe he’s just a tiny bit afraid of them?

  43. #nsa #greewald #snowden re Whitehouse Damage Control. I can’t help it. I keep flashing on scenes from “Wag The Dog”.

  44. #nsa #greenwald #snowden Whitehouse preternaturally quiet, given the circumstances. Must be in Maximum Overdrive damage control mode.

  45. @willmcjunkin @TimothyS Booz Allen’s “core values,” huh? How perfectly appropriate. Rotten to the core.

  46. #nsa #whistleblowers Full POTUS pardon of Snowden, Manning et al would NEUTRALIZE half of terrorists in world by restoring USA as beacon.

  47. #nsa #Whistleblowers Whitehouse damage control will politically suicide by threatening brutal retaliation against heroes Snowden & others.

  48. Ex-CIA worker is #NSA #whistleblower Snowden & Greenwald now top short list of towering heroes.

  49. #occupygezi Erdogan & cronies caught in trap of own making. Renouncing “hot money” backers = collapse & denouncing protests = revolution

  50. #occupygezi Someone needs to explain to Erdogan,  patiently, that the “speculators” aren’t not attacking … they ‘re escaping !.

  51. Mixing metaphor is a fine and gratifying indulgence, right up there with ambiguous irony, the triple-pun and, of course, unvarnished truth.

  52. @greenfield64 @TimothyS Fear that the guy watching you has a “quota” to fill before 5:00 so he can clock out for that cold beer he craves.

  53. #nsa & Telecom spin Dr’s turning their #Prism lies around so fast they’re drilling a holes in their own story. A tangled Web indeed.

  54. #nsa #Clapper #Obama It’s an IQ test : will Obama go down like megalomanic Erdogan, or is he smart enough to say sorry and shut down Prism?

  55. #nsa #whistleblowers Clapper is lying. Obama is lying. Telecoms/ISP’s are lying. Holder is, ahh, come to think of it, what IS Holder doing?

  56. #nsa #geziparki Amazing parallels between Turkish protests and Prism scandal. Both reveal Dictators using force to protect Ponzi Economy.

  57. #nsa #Prism #Wikileaks #Holder Blowing the whistle on crime is not a crime.

  58. #nsa Soliciting & sanctioning crime doesn’t make a criminal act any less criminal. On the contrary. It simply adds conspiracy to the charges

  59. #nsa Ask any geek worthy of the name, Prism would be impossible without deeply committed & voluntarily creative help by the Telecoms & ISPs

  60. #nsa If Prism and BoundlessInformant are not conspiracy then that word might just as well be left out of the dictionary altogether.

  61. #nsa Didn’t Obama & Clapper, just confess on national TV to criminal conspiracy to violate civil righst of several hundred million people?

  62. #nsa #occupy #anonymous I reckon NSA data-mining produces IRRESISTIBLE inside opportunity for personal gain to those kleptomanic criminals.

  63. #occupy #nsa War on Leakers has one purpose : delay collapse of ‘Global Bubble Economy’ which purchased the world with counterfeit loans.

  64. #occupy #nsa Understand this well : protection of Ponzi-like financial “bubbles” is top priority of all big governments. It trumps ALL else.

  65. #nsa #prism If NSA protects us AND we are all terror suspects, THEN the NSA only protects terror suspects. They should surveil themselves.

  66. #nsa #prism If ALL of us are terror suspects, just who precisely is left to be protected?

  67. #nsa You’ve seen headline: “Government likely to open criminal probe into NSA leaks” . ONLY criminals treat reporting crime as a crime.

  68. What drives US attack on whistleblowers is abject terror public will grasp how Secrecy, Ponzi Economy,& crushing dissent are ONE package.

  69. #nsa #occupy #gezipark Secrets feed Bubble US Economy. Dissent threatens it. So Gov’t targets dissenters. America, welcome to Gezi Park!

  70. #nsa #occupy #anonymous Oh, yeah. NSA’s MOTIVE ! Motive is 2 ensure NO ONE impedes cash flow into Black Budget defense Bubble.

  71. #nsa #occupy #anonymous Please repeat after me : Terrorists are the EXCUSE. United States citizens are the TARGET.

  72. #nsa #occupy #anonymous It is obvious to all but the most irremediably DENSE that target WAS and IS the domestic population of the USA.

  73. #nsa #occupy #anonymous Metastasizing intelligence/security “black budget” just another Wall St Bubble. Systems collapse is only way out.

  74. #nsa #occupy #anonymous Hot wars occur when roughly half the narcisist sociopaths falsely believe they have upper hand & go in for the kill

  75. #nsa #occupy #anonymous Since everyone is narcissist sociopath TO SOME DEGREE all conflicts eventually become half of us versus other half.

  76. #nsa #occupy #anonymous Who are the sides in this war? It’s not “terrorists” versus anybody. It’s narcissistic sociopaths versus everybody.

  77. #nsa #occupy #anonymous The danger of Prism etc is NOT the exposure of your secrets. It is the capacity to target and decapitate dissent.

  78. #nsa #occupy #anonymous In all the word there is not so much as one official who would yield an iota of their priviledge in favor of yours.

  79. #nsa #occupy #anonymous The bedrock of Governance is the imposition of deceitful solutions by lies and force on those who do not understand.

  80. #nsa #occupy #anonymous The purpose of ALL secrecy is to lie sucessfully, and the purpose of ALL lies is to prevent understanding.

  81. #nsa #prism Lemme get this straight. A secret law makes illegal Prism law now legal, so leaking the law is illegal now because it’s secret?

  82. #nsa #prism A simple plan : secretly swipe a bureaucrats cell phone, call a bunch of terrorists, then put the phone back where you got it..

  83. #nsa #prism Look at it this way : You have one less thing to worry about. No more uncertainty about whether or not THEY are listening in.

  84. #nsa #prism If ALL of us are terror suspects, then who does that leave to be protected? Us? So the NSA is protecting terror suspects

  85. #nsa #prism The most aggravating thing about all this is the secrecy. I mean secrets can just be murder, can’t they? And vice versa.

  86. #nsa #prism Expect soon a nauseating flood of propaganda on the heroic apparatchiks of Homeland Security saving our asses on a daily basis.

  87. #nsa #prism Incidentally, do those 9 Telecoms charge NSA for services rendered or is it gratis? That’s a lot of phone minutes brother.

  88. Hi, #anonymous , Is it feasible for bots to flood Internet with zillions of false keywords, messages & links to jam #NSA surveilance algos?

  89. #nsa #occupy #anonymous Treasure Trove of self-serving financial intel in NSA data-mine will prove irresistable to kleptocratic ‘Insiders.’

  90. @stacyherbert @ggreenwald US Gov going after Greenwald is a global game of “Whack-A-Mole” (pun intended) . My money is on the moles.

  91. #nsa #occupy #anonymous To deny the approach of world-wide violent rebellion of underclass is like an ostrich burying its head in quicksand.

  92. #nsa #occupy #anonymous It has been said that the first casualty of war is TRUTH, but that is not so. The first casualty is VOICE.

  93. #nsa #occupy #anonymous Insurgency tends to nurture psychopaths worse than ones they oppose. Reform is much better, but FAR more difficult.

  94. #nsa #occupy #anonymous Cops, Courts, Congresses, Spies, entire Countries, you name it. Sufficient counterfeit money can buy anything & has.

  95. #nsa #anonymous #whistleblowers When naive genius hires itself to psychopaths you get gadgets like bio-weapons, a-bombs & cyber surveilance.

  96. #nsa #occupy #anonymous Think of current war as game of scissors/paper/rock , in which MONEY can buy all three. FOLLOW the MONEY.

  97. #taksim #gezipark #occupy Turkey not first country bought by criminals with fake loans from accomplice Bankers. Money & sovereignty now gone

  98. #nsa #datamining Those thankless bums! All that surveilance and I don’t even get a follower, like or retweet from any of them. Pikers !

  99. #nsa #datamining Lack of outraged massive aggressive lawsuits by internet firms is all the proof I need they knew and cooperated from start

  100. Menace identified. Genus: Twitter Menaceum Democratus. Habitat: #occupygezipark . Diet: Dictators. Lifespan: forever.

  101. #taksim #gezipark Erdogan/AKP steal by borrowing what they cannot repay. They get & keep the money and then insist that you repay the loan.

  102. #taksim #gezipark When Turkish real estate prices peak or fall then hundreds of billions in high risk loans will default. Game over.

  103. #taksim #gezipark So-called Economic Miracle in Turkey consists of unrepayably huge loans of fake money from criminal banking corporations.

  104. #taksim #gezipark Insane Ponzi Economics provides counterfeit loans to buy whole countries. Leads first to Boom & then to Bust. Now is bust.

  105. #taksim #gezipark Erdogan/AKP Wealth Formula : borrow a trillion, pocket a billion & leave your granchildren to pay back the difference.

  106. #taksim #gezipark Erdogan’s AKP did not grow an economy, they inflated a real estate bubble, and now kill to delay it’s inevitable popping.

  107. #taksim #gezipark Logical reasoning , AKP/Erdogan style : Twitter is democratic. Democracy is a menace. Therefore Twitter is a menace.

  108. #occupy When “doxing” evil most effective strategy is revealing what bad guys have done to each other, not what they have done to us.

  109. #occupy As humans we want to follow strong leaders. Resist the impulse. Follow strong ideas. Ideas have no hubris, mortality, fear or greed.

  110. #occupy Elites marginalize reformers by Infiltrating Usurping and Beheading. Therefore: change label, keep message & follow idea not leader.

  111. #occupy #gezipark Anything purchased with counterfeit still belongs to original owner.

  112. #occupy #gezipark #anonymous Occupy and Anonymous are feared because easy to infiltrate but hard to buy off.

  113. #taksim Turkish economy is end-stage private sector Ponzi scheme . Riots presage collapse . Get money out NOW , before defaults take it..

  114. #taksim Erdogan Economic Policy = Borrow fake Euros, buy Turkish assets, sell for profit, force peasants to repay loans, kill protestors.

  115. #taksim Erdogan thinks like a psychopath. Everyone not serving him unquestioningly is a terrorist who deserves abusive punishment.

  116. #taksim Erdogan’s Economic miracle is a bubble of zero interest loans to cronies to buy assets, cash out, & force workers into “austerity”


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