About the author


The middle name, Benton, used to belong to my grandfather. Thanks for the loan, Bill Benton. I’ll try to return it in good condition.

I was born in the Midwest a very long time ago, and raised all over the the world. The short list of places I’ve lived and worked (in the Western hemisphere) extends from arctic Alaska to subtropical Brazil, and in the other half of the world from the Baltic to Mediterranean seas. Pity about Asia and Africa, etc., but I’m not dead yet, so there’s still a chance.

Occupationally I’ve been Tinker, Sailor [sic], Soldier and Spy. Not to mention blacksmith, farmhand and (during a particularly dark decade) Public Relations scum. I’ve built houses from scratch with my own hands (and blood loss) and used various high tech devices to assist in the design of engines, books and television crap. All of those occupations seemed to make sense at the time, but make careful note of the fact that I did not ( and in most cases would not ) go back to any of them.

Other biographical details (as fascinating as they might be to me) are overwhelmingly irrelevant to what follows on these pages. The value (if any) of any wit and wisdom conveyed will be in the writing, not the guy who wrote it.


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