All Aboard !

There is something about the way James Howard Kunstler (  )  describes realities that inspires me to write .  He lets the anger shine through , without letting it obscure the main point . .  . and has a little fun doing it.  Yeah ! That’s what I wanna do.  Of course , he’s a lot better at at it , but so what ?  This  blog is for my catharsis ,  not his ,  so here’s the latest comment I posted over there .

I don’t think I’m alone in craving a collapse which (since it can’t be averted) would just HAPPEN and be over & done with so that I could get on with whatever comes next (assuming I live through the collapse itself, of course).

Alas, that (like so many other things I wish for in extended periods of weakness) is not to be.

Collapse is not a singular event. It is a long drawn out and extremely complicated process. To mangle an old saying, “Rome did not fall in a day.”

Look around. THAT is collapse . . . a deconstruction in progress. A seemingly neverending “series of unfortunate events” as Mr. Snicket so unctuously put it.

Earthquakes tsunamis and volcanic explosions “happen” and are more or less done with. Societal collapses take a bit more time to play out. Think glaciers , not asteroid strike.

I’m 66 years old. I first noticed that the so-called civilization around me was falling apart around the time that “they” shot Kennedy and several years later it was still totally confused and mysterious just who the hell “they” were ( or even IF “they” were.)

It took another three or four decades to figure out that the reason collapse was behind schedule is that it wasn’t. It was right on time, but in that same sense had to seen like the arrival and departure of a VERY long train . First the engine arrives, then the tender, mail car and passenger coaches, all in their turn , and at speeds determined by numerous and largely unalterable factors like physics, financial practicality and rail road management.

It departs the same way , slowly at first and then gathering speed as it develops a head of steam and gathers momentum

Those lights you see dwindling away in the distance from where you now stand marooned in the increasingly derelict station is the back end of the caboose.

Damn !. Looks like you missed the last call for “All Aboard !”

But don’t worry. There’ll be another (much smaller) one coming along in a century or so .


One thought on “All Aboard !

  1. You are inspired to write and I like it. Lets your anger shine, let it illuminate the main point, the survival of life.

    I’ve shared a link to your website on my seditious back page. A public bookmark for all too see.

    Silence means the balance has been tipped , and in the next breath Democracy will either revive in a deafening roar . . . or quietly expire .

    I fear it be so.

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