So What’s the Story Here ? . . . World Domination or Ed Snowden ?

The reason Edward Snowden remains the focus of the NSA surveillance story is the human brain .  You are not going to change that biological fact .  As human beings we have  to put a human face on things .  It’s the only way to keep complex issues fixed upon a single topic in a complicated world .  Albert Einstein will always =  the atomic bomb .  Adolph Hitler will always =  WW II .  Mahatma Gandhi will always  =  nonviolent resistance .  There’s no other way for our human brains to function ,  so our only recourse is take advantage of the fact.

Because you can use that fact to great advantage .  Use that “carrier”  image  to  get more people to see your main point than would otherwise even discover the main point even existed.

So what is our main point ?  It is the terrible danger to democracy and personal freedom posed by the NSA’s incredibly illegal and immoral overreach into the private lives of law abiding people everywhere.

The way to get that message across is to utilize the now world famous image that the bad guys have spent billions of dollars creating for you :  Edward Snowden.

Welcome the fact that there is a subject ,  with a now famous face and a name ,  that can carry your message to the front pages of print and lead story of broadcasts, anytime and every time.  It is “newsworthy”.  Be happy about that.  It sure beats the hell out getting buried somewhere in the back pages of Section ‘B’ .

Also be happy that the bad guys are doing more than half of your work for you !  If the Whitehouse wasn’t pumping the Snowden story for all they’re worth then you would not BE headlined at the top of  page 1 .  If they wanna do that ,  then great !  Hop on a surf board and ride their wave !

Whenever the bad guys test some new idiotic idea trying to get “traction” against Snowden  (buzz words and phrases like “traitor” ,  “narcissist” ,  “29 year old hacker” ,  “misled and used by Julian Assange “ ,   etc  etc )   just tack your  valid message to their bull shit message ,  using their bull shit as the starting point.

For example:  they write “Is Edward Snowden a Whistleblower, or a Traitor to This Great Country ?”

You answer ,  “ By revealing that the NSA is committing & covering up enormous Constitutionally forbidden crimes , Edward Snowden has sacrificed his life for his country in the finest example of American Patriotism that we have seen in a generation.  Regardless of what secret courts using secret directives may decide behind closed doors ,  warrantless searches and seizures carried out against law abiding citizens is expressly forbidden by the most senior laws of our Constitutional democracy.  Yet that is precisely what the NSA has done ,  and is doing ,  and wants to do even more of .  This must be investigated to the very foundations of our legal and security system .  Those responsible must be found and prosecuted .  Safeguards against any possible recurrence must be put in place and enforced in such a way that it never happens again . “

You get the point.

They provide the front page platform. You stand on it and deliver your message.

It’s an art and takes a little practice ,  but hell ,  guys ,  you are the smart ones ,  not them.

They’re so stupid that they shout the indictment of their own crimes from their own “bully pulpit” .  They have climbed themselves right up onto the gallows and are waving the rope !

The least you can do is help them adjust the knot .


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