“They” are a Buncha W.I.M.P. s

This will be a short essay , but not because the subject is small .  It isn’t .

I’m keeping it brief  ( really ,  I  am  trying )   because I want to introduce a new acronym into the lexicon of the liberati ,  as though there weren’t enough already ,  and give it time to sink in.

A bunch of wimps are bullying the world ,  with a spotty results at best ,  and it’s about time we gave them a name that both describes what they are doing ,  and identifies who they are .  Ideally the moniker would be short ,  accurate ,  memorable , and disrespectful enough to annoy them .

Let’s call them WIMPs .  They are the network of interlocking interests that depend on W ar ,  Intelligence ,  M oney and P olice  to build empire and enslave entire populations en masse .  Hopefully you saw the connectedness of those four corrupt enterprises the moment you read them all grouped together in one sentence .  WIMP’s .  Don’t leave Rome without  ’em.  But don’t  let the comparison get so zeroed in on one historical example of  Empire that  it looks like a special case .  It isn’t .

All  Empires are built with and dependent on  War ,  Intelligence  ( espionage in any of its guises) ,   Money  ( lots  of it )  and Police .  In fact ,  the inter-dependencies of those four zones of control are so complete that if any one of them is lacking or breaks then the Empire collapses or can’t get properly formed up in the first place .

And of course all Empires that do manage to coagulate do also collapse ,  as covered in great detail elsewhere .  My favorite is  The Collapse of Complex Societies (1988)  by Joseph Tainter ,   but older generations have typically preferred  The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (1781)  by Edward Gibbon .  Interesting thing about Gibbon  ( and what makes his book so palatable to old folks ) is that he was an unrepentant apologist for the then hegemonic British Empire at its zenith .  It was a nifty trick to explain Rome’s fall without suggesting that England was on the same trajectory .  Kudos.

But I’m not addressing the same issues as Tainter and Gibbon ,  at least not directly .  The WIMP hypothesis takes  more of a Blue Collar , “evidence laying right there in plain sight” ,  sort of take on what those government bastards are up to and how their low-down ways are going to lay them low . .  .  and soon ,  hopefully .

Basically ,  they are wimps ,  or WIMPs as the case may be ,  and as such are driven to do what they do by the twin motivations of fear and greed .  Greed  turns them into thieves ,  and  fear  makes them do bad things to the folks they’re stealing from .  The two vices feed each other in a mutually reinforcing  “positive feedback loop”  that spirals upward geometrically until it exceeds physical and psychological limits .  .  .  and we all know what happens then.

Greed seeks to acquire more than is fairly deserved ,  which means taking other people’s stuff by force ( war )  or subterfuge  ( Money and Intelligence )  and then managing to keep it when the victims protest ( Police ) .   You can’t keep ill gotten gains for very long without also controlling  the other parts of the 4-part system ,   but as wealth and power expands from all that stealing the job gets easier ,  and easier .  At some point the centralized power of cooperating military,  cops,  bankers and spies is virtually unchallengeable .

At that point  things tend to really get out of hand .  The networked WIMP team can win any game it chooses to ,  and so it does .  It wants whatever it wants to ,  and it wins ,  every time ,  because it can .  Spell  H-U-B-R-I-S .  Spell  A-R-R-O-G-A-N-C-E  .  Spell  A-M-E-R-I-C-A .

That’s where we stand at the moment .  Blinded by hubris and arrogance the current WIMP empire that straddles the globe pounding its fist into the faces of victims everywhere ,  is simply trying to maintain the unsustainable .

The Ponzi scheme ( that is ,  the so-called World Economy )  dreamed up to finance the Wars and Police State ,  has run out of fresh suckers and is deflating as we speak .  The lucrative war-fighting branch can’t keep expanding without money from the same Ponzi scheme that its military industrial complex is a key part of .  The secret Intelligence services can ,  perhaps ,  watch  every soul on the planet ,  but without an incalculable budget increase cannot hope to actually do  anything to all of these new  “terrorists”  that fill its radar in burgeoning numbers by the day .

And keep in mind that the WIMPs are ,  well ,  wimpy .  They can hire  brave minions ,  but are themselves cowards of the most extreme and cravenly sort .  And ,  brother ,  they are scared.  In fact ,  that’s just about the only thing about them that still makes any rational sense .


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