Re-Run season on the History Channel

The Elites who wound up holding all the cards after WW II had yet another card up their collective sleeve at the time. And since they were Elite, and since the card was up their sleeve, the rest of us never even suspected it was there, or being played as standard operating procedure , not just for winning every hand , but for ensuring the the players would never get caught cheating.

The card was called Espionage , and the hand was dealt to the selected friends and allies of Franklin D Roosevelt , Winston Churchill, and the little known ( quite deliberately little known) Canadian named William Stephenson who ( with his American counterpart , William Donovan) built and ran the secret intelligence apparatus that ultimately defeated Hitler, Mussolini and Tojo in WW II. During the war it was called BSC (British Security Coordination) , and by the end had grown into a network that controlled virtually every significant financial , industrial , media , communications , military , scientific and political activity throughout the victorious nation’s societies. If BSC didn’t have a handle on it , it was too small to matter.

It’s membership comprised the penultimate “insiders” of the winning Empires , and a whole bunch of patriotic small timers as well . Some knew a little , some knew a lot , and all of them knew any number of friends who could guarantee the success of any enterprise they liked , and mysterious problems and downfall of any that they did not like. It worked extremely well , and even passed itself off as a democracy . . . which it most certainly was NOT .

That apparatus has had a few new names and stock-splits, and it’s management has of course seen quite a few oh-so-discreet and ultra top secret changings of the guard in the past 75 years , but the core organism is the self same creature that Roosevelt and Churchill birthed back in 1939.

This network’s capacity to win by cheating and favor , rather than competition and merit , has both hollowed it out of real talent ( it rents talent now)) , and has corrupted its soul beyond redemption , but it can still easily defeat the few miniscule challengers left standing after three quarters of a century of mercilessly crushing all newcomers who don’t join the club.

That beast is now dying of it’s own Byzantine complexity of inbred incompetence that survives moment to moment on the unearned “Take” from a worldwide financial Ponzi scheme. That economy measures it’s future in years, not decades , as one country after another goes up in clouds of tear gas , water cannons and the smoke of burning barricades.

I count 9 domino-nations fallen in the past 3 years , with three more (larger ones) tipped way past the point of no return right now . Doubtless there will be a few more surprises like Brazil in the coming months.

There’s nothing much to do about it now but watch and wait for the right moment to move in and start rebuilding a decent civilization , with a few new lessons learned under our belts, hopefully.

Move too soon and the dying ( but still powerful) old apparatus will take you out.

Move too late and there won’t be much left to rebuild .

As always , timing is everything so just watch very very closely , and don’t get your knickers in a twist. It’s just history re-runs .

Oh , and one last reminder. NEVER trust spies. It’s their JOB to deceive , and you’ll never beat the good ones at their own game.


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