When Mad Dogs Fight . . . hunkering down in the War On Privacy

The only two voices to be heard in the room right now seem to be the slavering howls of two mad dogs having it out to see which one gets to eat us.

I’m tired of being cast as helpless prey simply because I detest murder .

Any other “moderates” out there who feel like that ?

On the one hand we have that legion of frothing “Chicken Hawks” calling for Edward Snowden’s blood simply because the man aired their dirty laundry in public .  I mean ,  really  now ,  did Snowden tell  “the enemy”  ANYTHING they didn’t already know in far more detail than he gave them ?  The only people shocked or amazed were sleepy Americans who had not yet realized just how far this “1984” thing had really got to.

And on the other hand we have a bunch of truly psychopathic Jihadis who believe that the way to win over the hearts and minds of the World Community ( and thereby reclaim a long lost . . . and mythical . . . sovereignty )  is with suicide bombs and decapitation of children.

Somewhere between those ultra extremes is a middle way ,  and if we don’t find it soon I fear that one or the other of those rabid animals are going to prevail .

And when that happens the only meat left in the room is going to be us.


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