Edward Snowden’s bid for freedom ( his AND ours )

Please excuse the sloppy writing ,  but I haven’t got time to make it all short ,  snappy and clever.

I’m aghast at how the enormous number of  “dots” being plastered all over the Internet are not being connected into a coherent picture ,  not just of what is happening ,  but the dirty details of how,  why and by whom.

Now what’s already obvious to everyone is that the so-called “Police State” is far more advanced than we had hoped it might be so soon .  And it should be equally obvious that the present state of affairs is not the result of “rogue” agencies , inadvertent “mission creep” ,  or the “unintended consequences” of policies written for some other purpose by well intended but over zealous public servants.

And  no ,  I am not speaking of some vast and vague conspiracy of nefarious  acronymed “agencies” shrouded in mystery.

I am speaking of a historical document written by  and for  the governments of the United States and United Kingdom themselves .  Not only was it carefully vetted by them before publication ,  and given the official stamp of approval of both governments ,  but it was written at their behest in the first place .  Remarkably , even the reason for publication at that particular moment in history is explicitly described in the book . ( it was to quell some very serious media and legislative inquiries into several major espionage screw ups  back in the late 1960’s and early 70’s ,  the exposure of which presented a significant threat to the continuance of legitimate secret intelligence operations  . . .  if there even is such a thing . )

It is a book titled ,  “A Man Called Intrepid” (1976) ,  by William Stevenson ,  and you can go buy a copy of it from any reasonably well stocked book store .  It’s about as controversial as a telephone directory .

Read it and weep.

Or don’t read it .  In which case you might soon be crying yourself to sleep every night .

I will try to present ,   in the shortest possible synopsis ,  enough of what it reveals that you are persuaded  . . .  just this one time . . .  to invest a couple of dozen hours of time and effort that may well save democracy itself for the next several generations .  If you think it’s already too late for yourself , then think of your children and theirs’ , and the world which they have no choice but to live in.

In the run up to World War II  US President Franklin D Roosevelt and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill foresaw that Adolph Hitler’s ( Nazi ) brand of fierce and aggressive fascism ,  posed an existential threat to humanity .  They believed that the only way to stop him was war   on a scale the world had never seen .

But the world had not yet recovered from the ravages of WW I ,  and very few people agreed with Roosevelt’s and Churchill’s views on stopping Hitler at all cost .

Therefore ,  Roosevelt ,  Churchill and a small but extremely powerful and influential circle of people throughout the democracies took matters into their own hands and formed a secret intelligence operation that was at first quite illegal in many respects ( and would certainly extremely embarrassing politically ) .  It’s expressed aim was to drag the free world ,  kicking and screaming if necessary ,  into the war that those two leaders saw as the only means of preventing a dark age on Earth under the collective heels of Hitler (Nazi Germany) ,  Mussolini  (fascist Italy)  and Tojo (Imperial Japan) .

This collaboration grew ,  was successful ,  and gradually gained some degree of official ( albeit secret )  legitimacy ,  under the direction of a man code-named  (you guessed it )  “Intrepid” ,  who was answerable solely and only  to Churchill and Roosevelt personally .

It worked .  Hitler was defeated ,  as were his Italian and Japanese partners in psychopathic tyranny  (known then as the “Axis” powers ) ,  and the world became safe for Democracy .  Or at least that’s what the book would have us believe .

It wasn’t ,  of course ,  because democracy had perished in the process .  The methods  ( and even some of the individual players )  and institutions created to defeat the “Axis” powers could not be put back into the bottle . . .  regardless of what the book’s authors would persuade us to believe.

The book ,  for example ,  claims that the apparatus built under “Intrepid”  was dismantled after the war .  It wasn’t .  It continued ,  grew exponentially ,  and pervades our lives today .  The world they built is the one we live in .

Read the book .  Draw your own conclusions .  Save your own lives .


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