Michael Hastings . . . was it murder ?

I am fairly sure that Michael Hastings himself would have preferred the story to be about what he was investigating rather than about him . . . but . . .

. . . is a pack of hyenas pulling down a wounded lion best described as conspiracy, or just a bunch of hungry hyenas with a common interest ?  Micahel Hastings died under at least three sets of suspicious circumstances ( well covered elsewhere .)  That alone warrants meticulously thorough investigation. Anything less would just be considered a fourth suspicious circumstance.

But that is not the core issue ,  even so.

If in the end it turns out to be just a tragic automobile accident then remember that direct violence isn’t the only way to commit an assassination.  There is ,  for example, targeted persecution.  Just ask Aaron Swartz.  Sorry ,  a little late for that ,  isn’t it?

The fundamental issue is the multi-phasic war on Journalists ,  and through it a war on the very act of truth-telling itself.

The war on Journalists will end when there are no more pathologically guilty liars protected in high office . . .  or there are no more journalists like Michael Hastings.


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