Manifesto . . . ( just in case )

If there were a checklist in the handbook I’m sure that writing a Manifesto would be right up there near the top.  There’s no telling the time or place of one’s departure  (or of whose choosing ,  for that matter  )  and none of us want to leave  “Intestate”  ( i.e.  without some last rant and testament )  so here goes .

Item #1 .  It’s both unwise and a waste of time and material to blow up bad guys  ( if you could even know with any certainty who they all were ).  Yes , I know  ( as do we all )  that the temptation is great ,  especially right after reading each morning’s news feed .  [ Side note : isn’t that just a great  word to describe news ,  as  ” feed ” ? ]   But , getting back to my point ,  don’t foreget that the time , effort , and expense of clearing away evil-doers would have to be proportionately large , and I don’t think  there’s enough lethal material in the world  ( barring the  long range nuclear stuff  that they won’t let me play with for some reason )  to make a significant dent in the world’s supply of completely pathological assholes .  Talk about a renewable resource !

[ Side Note ,  The Second :   given the impractical size and complete futility of such a project ,  it amazes me how many would-be saviors of mankind keep trying  so hard .  Oh , well . “Hope springs eternal ,”  etc.  ]

So , if physical removal is off the table ,  what other ways might there be to set things straight around here ?

My favorites are tolerance and minding one’s own business ,  but have to acknowledge that both of those are way too radical even for a Manifesto , so let’s just scratch ’em and get back to more reasonably attainable possibilities.

Here’s one :  Understanding .

That’s a tall first step , I know ,  but since steps of any height can be reduced to much smaller steps  ( as small as one can comfortably handle ,  if need be  ) I’m going to stick with it.

Done !  That sure feels better.  Manifesto completed . It’s always good to get a big item checked off the list .

And remember ,   despite the fact that understanding is a pretty tough assignment it is very flexible time and circumstances wise .  You can do it alone or in groups ; while drinking beer with friends or all alone at night by the fire  ( or air conditioner , as the case may be .)  You can do part of it now ,  put it aside until later  and then pick it back up again right where you left off .  Understanding things requires very few specialized tools ( although books and mentors sure come in handy if you got ’em )  and in a pinch you can do it bare naked in the wilderness with nothing except your brain ,  completely solo .

Understanding .

Good , well rounded manifesto ,  even if I do say so myself ,  and so far as I know it’s only got one down-side :  the Quiz at the end can be a real bitch .


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