“DYSTOPIC WONDERLAND” an Anthem for a brave new world, (c) 1984

Every movement needs an Anthem , so I reckon that the New World Order needs one too .  Here’s my contribution to this Brave New World Order. Copyright (c) 1984
Sung to the tune of  “Winter Wonderland” .  For best effect ,  imagine this swan song of democracy being crooned in the powerfully honied tones of Johnny Mathis.

NSA, they are listenin’
Bankers’ eyes, are a glistenin’
The people in flight
We’re happy alright
This is our dystopic wonderland.

Privacy is a new word
Lies Are Truth, haven’t you heard?
When we say it’s wrong
You best play along
Cause this is our dystopic wonderland.

In the Whitehouse we can put a straw man
You pretend he’s fair ’cause he is brown
He’ll ask how you like all the policemen
Now that they’re the only game in town.

So be good, don’t conspire
Don’t say we are all liars
The payoff’s been made
Too bad, I’ m afraid
That this is our dystopic wonderland


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