Traveling At The Speed Of Lies, one more dispatch from the war zone

There’s a war going on ,  in case you haven’t noticed ,  and if the absence of bleeding wounds makes you think you’re not in it then I’ve got news for ya.  Everybody is in it.  You’re either Present Regime,  Outgunned Rebel ,  or Colateral Damage.  There are no sidelines, and people who think they are Refugees are deluding themselves.

Now,  as in most wars,  the primary combatants are more or less fully aware of what the fight is all about, and the masses ( both unwashed and otherwise )  would like to just get on with their lives and not think about any of that stuff ,  but unlike other wars this one has a new twist.  Three  new twists ,  actually ,  and maybe that’s what makes this war so invisible to so many.  It may well be true that less than 5% or so of the population has even the slightest inclination to grapple with the issues or envision the magnitude of the stakes.

In brief, the three new twists are these :  1)  Losing the war spells extinction for the human species ,  2)  The limitless funds and extreme technological control of the enemy virtually assures that the war will be lost ,  and 3)  The vast majority of civilized people are either rooting for ,  working for  ( or both )  the side that will get us all killed .

It’s one thing to speak of climate change,  resource depletion ,  fiat currencies , or unsustainable Ponzi economics … but quite another thing altogether to actually get it  .

By that same token ,  it’s pretty frustrating for those who do get it , to realize that no matter how often or well they try to explain the situation the effort amounts to little more than either preaching to the choir,  or teaching a pig to sing. Not only is it a waste of time, but it annoys the pig  and   the choir.

All of these topics have generated billions of words of printed, spoken and video broadcast explanations and/or bullshit on both sides of the issue,  but there is one not-so-small aspect that I haven’t seen or heard anywhere else and so I will cover it here.  We’ll leave species extinction for another day… perhaps the day after  the apocalypse, heh ?

It is the topic of HOW .  How   do you take over an entire planet and burn through 5000 years of acquired wisdom ,  law  and common decency so quickly that the people you are robbing,  jailing,  disenfranchising and generally oppressing and often killing not only let you do it ,  but typically help you do it ?

Easier than you might think.

First,  call yourself a bank,  and then start paying people to accept counterfeit money which you create by loaning it to them.  What could be easier ?  Who isn’t going to accept a stack of free money,  even if it is bogus ?  If anyone objects to this practice ,  simply give them a big enough stack of funny money that they shut up and get on board.

So far , so good .  It hasn’t cost you anything yet even if no one pays you back  ( because it was counterfeit  in the first place, wasn’t it ? )

Of course there is one small catch.  The fake money that was loaned out gets paid back with real money that represents real goods,  services,  labor and other assets such as property ,  food ,  energy and precious things.

Pretty soon the place is awash in money.  Prices skyrocket and fortunes are made by borrowing counterfeit cash,  using it to buy assets of all sorts,  and then selling them for more than they cost ,  so as to borrow more and do it all over again.  The classic “Bubble”.  The various accounting frauds invented during this phase become so complex that Einstein found it easier to solve the mathematics of Space/Time than try to figure out where his salary or grant funding really came from or why he was never required to refund any of it after that naughty little mistake he made with the atom bomb and all.

All those shenanigans are bad enough,  but it’s what happens next that causes the real problem.  What used to happen next ( and historically always happened next )  is that eventually the financial “Bubble” would burst when there were an insufficient number of fresh suckers coming into the Ponzi scheme to “buy”  the stuff  that now cost so much that only the highest of the high rollers could even consider it  ( mansions and  jet planes and yachts priced at tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars.)

Alas.  That was in the olden days.  That was before computers.  Remember the old saying that  “figures don’t lie, but liars can figure ?”   Well, what always caught up with the liars was the fact that the more lies there are in circulation  the more figuring it takes to keep  ’em all straight.

With computers , that is no longer a problem.

With enough computer power  ( not to mention the telecommunications ability to send money whizzing from one layer of cooked books to another,  all around the world )  it is actually quite easy for scoundrels to travel faster than the ‘Speed of Lies.’

Consequently,  and to the amazed consternation of a lot of smart people who keep on predicting that the bubble is going to burst any minute now,   the greatest bubble of all time has not popped.  Nor will it ever.  At least not in the classic sense of bank runs and ruined investors leaping from Wall Street windows.


What happened next this  time was that the counterfeit loans have continued to inflate the Greatest Bubble Of All Time ,  to the point where EVERYTHING is now owned by the counterfeiters.  Everything.  Every country,  every government,  every cop,  court and soldier is  owned by the boys  ( and girls,  too,  but not so many of them oddly enough.  Isn’t that remarkable ? )  who call themselves business.

They own it all,  and if your income depends upon the continued success of their game in any way then they own you, too.

They will kill to keep it,  you may have noticed,  but when one owns every cop, court, government,  army,  and mass communications apparatus on the planet  ( including Facebook,  Twitter and the Internet itself )  then only the most arrogant and stupid of them need to resort to violence or killing very often.

A drone bombing here,  a little torturing there,  maybe a tragic suicide,  demoralizing arrest or show trial  of a hero thrown in from time to time.  Those work pretty well, you  must admit.  Maybe in extreme cases or when some rabble rousing genius figures out a new angle the Internet or Cell Phones have to be shut down for a day or two,  but that’s rare.

So,  yeah ,  there are a few new twists that make this war quite a bit different from those that have come before.  Maybe this one actually will be the war that ends all wars…  but not in a way any of us would like.

Not even the bad guys.


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